Friday, October 24, 2008

1992 Upper Deck

I swore I was not going to do another Upper Deck set while under the influence.

I lied.

I like these. I really do. But I must draw this blogging session to a close.

The 1992 Upper Deck Detroit Tigers:
74 Rico Brogna
96 Team Checklist Cecil Fielder
184 Tony Phillips
251 Mickey Tettleton
255 Cecil Fielder
271 Pete Incaviglia
273 Alan Trammell
294 Rob Deer
317 Bill Gullickson
319 Mark Leiter
339 Mike Henneman
453 Rusty Meacham
466 Travis Fryman
468  Lloyd Moseby
470 Skeeter Barnes
487 John Cerutti
489 Paul Gibson
516 Lou Whitaker
520 Walt Terrell
536 Milt Cuyler
538 Scott Livingstone
601 Jerry Don Gleaton
605 Frank Tanana
643 Travis Fryman Best Infield Arm
647 Cecil Fielder Best Power
737 Dan Gladden
739 Mark Carreon

There were some inserts.

The Inserts:

Scouting Report
SR14 Scott Livingstone

Home Run Heroes
HR2 Cecil Fielder

Ted Williams Best
T5 Cecil Fielder

The first person to post a comment about the Mark Carreon photo that makes me laugh will win something to be determined sometime later. Probably a beer sometime next summer in Pittsburgh.....

Thank in advance for playing.


White Sox Cards said...

Mark Carreon: Yeah... I keep getting older and the high school girls always stay the same age.

Jon said...

1992 Upper Deck FanFest
Given out at the "FanFest" at the All-Star game in San Diego. 54 card box set.
22. Cecil Fielder

1992 Upper Deck MVP Holograms
Just as the name suggests...a vertically oriented hologram of selected players.
21. Cecil Fielder
23. Bill Gullickson

1992 Upper Deck Minors
330 card set featuring various minor league prospects and draft picks. Same design as the base set...some have the team name and "Top Prospects" in the lower right corner, some have a "Draft Pick" logo in the corner. The set also has a great card of a pre-roids Jason Giambi with a mullet and confused expression on his face.
9. Rick Greene
46. Justin Thompson Team Checklist
90. Joe Perona
137. John DeSilva
139. Justin Mashore
161. Justin Thompson
182. Tony Clark
189. Tarrik Brock
195. Greg Gohr
213. Riccardo Ingram
220. Tyrone Kingwood
241. Ivan Cruz