Monday, October 13, 2008

1989 Score

By 1989 it was painfully obvious that Score was not about to let Donruss run away with cards designed for five year olds. The wild cyan/green, purple/orange, and teal/pink color combos were Score's way of telling us that they would not be outdone in the poor design department. It was bad enough that they fooled Tigers collectors into thinking that Ray Knight was wearing a cool road jersey that said "Tigers" across the chest instead of "Detroit." Even worse was that they corrected it.

The 1989 Score Detroit Tigers:
23 Matt Nokes
26 Gary Pettis
44 Chet Lemon
110 Alan Trammell
112 Frank Tanana
129 Doyle Alexander
131 Mike Heath
135 Ray Knight
168 Don Heinkel
171 Darrell Evans
204 Pat Sheridan
230 Lou Whitaker
250 Jack Morris
269 Tom Brookens
275 Guillermo Hernandez
279 Larry Herndon
284 Jeff Robinson
293 Mike Henneman
311 Jim Walewander
314 Walt Terrell
316 Luis Salazar
469 Dave Bergman
471 Eric King
545 Dwayne Murphy
595 Paul Gibson
627 Steve Searcy

Despite other companies giving us loads of traded and rookie players in their traded, update, and rookie sets, Score gave us one.

43T Tracy Jones

It looks like they tried to make up for it by releasing some insert sets, but I don't have any of them, so there's not much else I can add.

1989 Score Hottest Stars:
7 Alan Trammell
34 Jeff Robinson
59 Mike Henneman

1989 Score Young Superstars II: (I have no clue about Young Superstars I....)
7 Eric King
8 Jeff Robinson
27 Steve Searcy

They did however release a nifty little 42 card box set of "painted" looking cards, but this would be the only time they did so. Too bad, because these are pretty nice. They were obviously the precursor to the 2006 Bowman Heritage issue.

1989 Score Masters:
8 Jack Morris

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Jon said...

1989 Score Hottest Rookies
This set is also known as Rising Stars. I guess they're ok if you're into geometry and like triangles.
15. Scott Lusader
17. Torey Lovullo
19. Billy Bean
47. Steve Searcy

For the Young Superstars set, the Tigers have no entries in Series 1. Also, some sources have the King card listed as a Tigers card, others have it listed as a White Sox card. King did play for the White Sox in 1989, but I don't have the card so I can't be sure.