Monday, October 20, 2008

1992 Stadium Club

I have zero fond memories of this set. Topps suckered everybody baaaaaaad with these cards. After the frenzy of '91 Stadium Club being impossible to find, Topps produced somewhere in the trillions of these, yet kept the $3 a pack sticker price. I distinctly remember buying a Series 1 box of these for $90. I kept those cards up until just a few years ago, when I gave them to a friend of mine. I think you can pick up a set of all three series for around $20 if you look around hard enough. Not only did they produce a NINE HUNDRED CARD premium set, but they look very similar to the year before too. (Almost identical on the back). This was Topps greed at its finest.

The 1992 Stadium Club Detroit Tigers:
5 Milt Cuyler
34 Mike Henneman
59 Travis Fryman
71 John Cerutti
92 Rob Deer
119 Bill Gullickson
139 Walt Terrell
171 Dave Bergman
195 Mickey Tettleton
223 Paul Gibson
238 Andy Allanson
250 Cecil Fielder
276 Dan Gakeler
317 Scott Livingstone
337 Kevin Ritz
362 Dave Haas
384 John Kiely
416 Frank Tanana
441 Mike Munoz
465 Shawn Hare
488 Tony Phillips
508 Rich Rowland
526 Jeff Kaiser
550 Lou Whitaker
585 Skeeter Barnes
638 Eric King
678 Mark Carreon
762 Scott Aldred
801 Danny Gladden
850 Alan Trammell
889 Mark Leiter

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1992 Stadium Club Dome
Issued only in 200 card factory sets, which came in a plastic Toronto SkyDome container, this set features 1991 All-Stars, 1992 Team USA players, 1991 draft picks, top prospects, and eight 1991 World Series cards.
15. Sean Bergman Draft Pick
21. Tarrik Brock Draft Pick
43. Brian Edmondson Draft Pick
48. Cecil Fielder All-Star
112. Justin Mashore Draft Pick
121. Trever Miller Draft Pick

1992 Stadium Club East Coast Nationals
100 card set. Skipped numbered parallels of the third series 1992 Topps Stadium Club cards. Distributed only in complete sets at the 1992 East Coast National baseball card convention.
638. Eric King