Friday, October 17, 2008

1991 Stadium Club

Topps got into the high end card business with these babies. I seem to remember these being $3-4 a pack, and that was if you could find them anywhere. Very un-Topps-like, I think they only printed about 100 of each card. I don't have but a handful, and those are just from picking up a single here and there over the years. Topps began their neverending fascination with foil stamping with these, so that's yet another reason not to like them. They never lived up to the hype for me. 

The 1991 Stadium Club Detroit Tigers:
23 Chet Lemon
41 Tony Phillips
63 Alan Trammell
101 Lou Whitaker
158 Frank Tanana
186 Cecil Fielder
287 Mike Henneman
315 Walt Terrell
352 Steve Searcy
355 Travis Fryman
364 Lloyd Moseby
386 Dave Bergman
412 Mickey Tettleton
429 Scott Aldred
445 John Cerutti
456 Mark Salas
470 Milt Cuyler
539 Rob Deer
574 Jerry Don Gleaton

I see I have a Cecil Fielder All-Star card that is not part of the set. (#48 is Steve Avery) The stats on the back contain stats up to the All-Star break of 1991, so this was obviously released later in that season. I don't know if it was an insert card or if it was part of a special All-Star set, but here it is.

48 Cecil Fielder


Jon said...

The Fielder card is a 1992 Stadium Club Dome...very similar design to 1991 Stadium Club.

Jon said...

1991 Stadium Club Charter Members
An un-numbered, multi-sport, 50-card set which introduced the world to Stadium Club. The cards only came in factory sets, some of which came with a bronze Nolan Ryan card-sized medallion which I can't imagine Mr. T rocking. The complete set with the medallion sold for $50, 1991 money. One Tiger in the set.
--- Cecil Fielder 51st Home Run

No Tigers in the initial "Members Only" set.