Friday, October 24, 2008

1992 Leaf

Some sets don't really give you much to work with, and this is one of those sets. They used the metallic silver again to excess and didn't do much with the design. The parallel cards look much much better, but again, gold foil over black doesn't scan worth a shit, so you won't see much here.

The 1992 Leaf Detroit Tigers:
21 Frank Tanana
40 Tony Phillips
61 Bill Gullickson
75 Milt Cuyler
127 Scott Livingstone
153 Cecil Fielder
172 Alan Trammell
193 Rob Deer
207 Mark Leiter
239 Dan Gladden
259 Mark Carreon
285 Mickey Tettleton
304 Travis Fryman
325 Mike Henneman
386 Kevin Ritz
391 Lou Whitaker
402 Les Lancaster
496 Chad Kreuter

There was another Gold Rookies insert set that was pretty ho-hum. The cards themselves don't look that great, but the picture of John Doherty makes him look like a bad ass flame thrower, which he never was. If I had the card I would post it, but I don't, and I can't find a decent scan on ebay.
BC24 John Doherty

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1992 Leaf Black Gold Previews
18. Cecil Fielder