Friday, October 24, 2008

1992 Fleer

1992 was just another year in a long line of lackluster releases by Fleer. Boring cards with those hideous metallic spearmint green borders. I think this was the same color as the Buick Skylark in My Cousin Vinny. When the best you can do is reference Lane Smith's best performance, it's time to move on.

The 1992 Fleer Detroit Tigers:
127 Scott Aldred
128 Andy Allanson
129 John Cerutti
130 Milt Cuyler
131 Mike Dalton
132 Rob Deer
133 Cecil Fielder
134 Travis Fryman
135 Dan Gakeler
136 Paul Gibson
137 Bill Gullickson
138 Mike Henneman
139 Pete Incaviglia
140 Mark Leiter
141 Scott Livingstone
142 Lloyd Phillips
143 Tony Phillips
144 Mark Salas
145 Frank Tanana
146 Walt Terrell
147 Mickey Tettleton
148 Alan Trammell
149 Lou Whitaker
692 League Leaders Cecil Fielder
705 Super Star Special Cecil Fielder
715 Team Checklist

There wasn't too much special going on with the inserts either. You can see that gold foil doesn't scan all that great. Have I mentioned that before?

Rookie Sensations:
7 Milt Cuyler

Fleer All-Stars:
9 Mickey Tettleton

Lumber Company:
1 Cecil Fielder
2 Mickey Tettleton

Team Leaders:
6 Cecil Fielder

Nice, big, but still boring, Update set:
19U Rico Brogna
20U John Doherty
21U Dan Gladden
22U Buddy Groom
23U Shawn Hare
24U John Kiely
25U Kurt Knudsen

If you read this far to tell me that Mike Dalton's card is not in the Update set, then leave me a message telling me so. As luck would have it , I don't have any of the Update cards, except for the one insert card that was included in the factory set. Which begs the question, how can you really have an "insert" card if you put one in every set? But I'm not in a begging mood tonight, so screw it.....

'92 Headliners:
4 Cecil Fielder

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