Monday, October 13, 2008

1989 Topps Senior Professional Baseball Association

While digging in the closet for the 1989 Score Masters set, I came across these. 


I vaguely remember this league and this set. As the PGA Seniors Tour was beginning to become a big time event, baseball launched its own version of a seniors league. These cards were released as a 132 card boxed set similar to a Topps Traded set. I chuckle at the $12 price tag still attached to the box. My guess is that these run for about $1 each on the card show circuit.

I'll let wikipedia tell the story of the league.

You gotta love a league where Milt Wilcox went 12-3.

This set has a nice collection of former Tigers:

2 Dwight Lowry
10 Marty Castillo
45 Elias Sosa
52 Steve Kemp
61 Jim Morrison
71 Johnny Grubb
73 Milt Wilcox
75 Wayne Krenchicki
111 Ron LeFlore
113 Leon Roberts
117 Ron Jackson
130 Luis Pujols

This is the lineup as best as I can tell. There are no mentions of big league affiliations on the cards, so I'm going from memory. There are a handful of guys I've never heard of, and maybe one day I'll look them up to see if any of them ever were Tigers.

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