Friday, October 24, 2008

1992 Fleer Ultra

Hands down my favorite set of 1992. Everything about these look great. The marble background. The embossed look of the bars with the player and team name, in team colors. Even the gold foil, which I absolutely despise, looks great. (used to accentuate and not the focal point of the design, as it should be......) Even the backs look better than most card designs of the last 20 years. (I LOVE the 3D look to the Tigers' logo.) Fleer knocked one out of the proverbial park with this issue.

The 1992 Fleer Ultra Detroit Tigers:
56 Dave Bergman
57 Milt Cuyler
58 Rob Deer
59 Cecil Fielder
60 Travis Fryman
61 Scott Livingstone
62 Tony Phillips
63 Mickey Tettleton
64 Alan Trammell
65 Lou Whitaker
358 Skeeter Barnes
359 Mark Carreon
360 John Doherty
361 Dan Gladden
362 BIll Gullickson
363 Shawn Hare
364 Mike Henneman
365 Chad Kreuter
366 Mark Leiter
367 Mike Munoz

Never before this moment right now did I know that there were any Tiger insert cards in this set, which is a shame. The All-Stars set was every bit as elegant as the base set. maybe even more. I am going to have to hunt this puppy down on ebay. Maybe even tonight.

5 Mickey Tettleton

Note: I just checked ebay, and there are none. As gorgeous as those All-Star cards are, I can certainly imagine why....

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