Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1990 Score

Not to be outdone by Donruss, Score kept up their fierce competition for the most childish looking cards. 

In 1990, it was a draw. These are hideous. 

The list of 1990 Tigers rookies/prospects is just flat out pathetic. I apologize for reminding everyone of just how bad they were.

They only saving grace of this set is the inclusion of even more Tigers prospects who would never amount to squat. Except for Greg Gohr, who Randy Smith would one day trade for Damion Easley. Unfortunately for Tigers fans, Smith would go on to give Easley a ridiculous contract, and ultimately release while the Tigers were still on the hook for a nice chunk of change. It is cool though that Easley is still in the big leagues today. Even cooler that Randy Smith is no longer with the Tigers.....

The 1990 Score Detroit Tigers:
9 Alan Trammell
55 Matt Nokes
57 Frank Tanana
75 Lou Whitaker
106 Chet Lemon
131 Fred Lynn
136 Gary Pettis
172 Mike Heath
184 Mike Henneman
203 Jack Morris
237 Doyle Alexander
254 Dave Bergman
261 Paul Gibson
267 Guillermo Hernandez
291 Tracy Jones
333 Jeff Robinson
341 Frank Williams
513 Gary Ward
572 Kevin Ritz
575 Scott Lusader
583 Milt Cuyler
607 Randy Nosek
620 Shawn Holman
626 Pat Austin
657 Brian DuBois
679 Greg Gohr

The 1990 Score Rookie and Traded Detroit Tigers:
9T Cecil Fielder
14T Tony Phillips
25T Lloyd Moseby
39T Dan Petry
65T Larry Sheets

That's a killer photo of Cecil Fielder though, who hit 51 HR back when 51 HR meant something.....

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Jon said...

1990 Score 100 Superstars
The fronts are red, white, blue, and purple. That's really all you need to know.
41. Alan Trammell
71. Lou Whitaker

1990 Score Rising Stars
Same design as the Superstars set, but these are marginally more acceptable, in a green, blue, and white. Also 100 cards.
11. Kevin Ritz
42. Scott Lusader
63. Doug Strange
84. Milt Cuyler
88. Mike Brumley
97. Steve Searcy

1990 Score Young Superstars
The Tigers were the only major league team left out of this 84 card set. We have 6 out of 100 Rising Stars (none of whom, of course, were or would become stars), but no Young Superstars? And NEITHER set had Travis Fryman, but Score liked Pat Austin (who never appeared in the majors, for any team) so much, they gave him a base card.