Sunday, December 14, 2008

1993 Triple Play

For the second year in a row Donruss came up with a nice looking card for their Triple Play release. Is this day and age of hard to read player names that have been foil stamped on the cards, I like it that the name is plastered across the top in 30 point type.

For whatever reason, this set is not listed in my team set checklist book, so my attempt at putting one together may be inaccurate. (I've only got four of these cards, so I'll give it a shot....)

The 1993 Donruss Triple Play Detroit Tigers:
5 Cecil Fielder
44 Milt Cuyler
59 Travis Fryman
92 Mickey Tettleton
137 Rob Deer
176 Tony Phillips
191 Alan Trammell
224 Lou Whitaker

There were some sort of scratch off insert game cards. I kinda remember these, but not really all that much.

15 Cecil Fielder

Also a League Leaders insert card that I don't recall at all.

L5 Cecil Fielder

1993 Studio

It's not often I praise a Donruss release, but I will do so here. This is one of the nicest looking sets ever made. This was such a simple concept that it begs the question of why it was never done before. The only thing I don't like about this set is that I didn't collect the entire thing. Even the foil stamping looks elegant when used in this format. 

Of course it's a shame that they found the doofious (yeah, I made it up, so what?) picture of Kirk Gibson they could possibly dig up, but I still love them. I may have to hunt down a complete set on ebay after the holidays. These are that nice. (I just looked and you can find one for about $15-20. Not a bad deal at all for a set this awesome.)

The 1993 Studio Detroit Tigers:
26 Rob Deer
37 Cecil Fielder
76 Lou Whitaker
108 Travis Fryman
138 Mickey Tettleton
165 Kirk Gibson
213 Tony Phillips

Okay, I only have two beefs with this set. How the hell could they leave out Alan Trammell, yet include Jerald Clark and Orestes Destrade? How?

There is an insert card that I was never aware of at any time in life until fifteen seconds ago. 

Silhouettes #5 Travis Fryman

1993 Leaf

Another Donruss issue that looks like it borrowed heavily from '92 Fleer Ultra. Same old marble background corner and goil foil circle thingy. Pretty lackluster and unimaginative. Much like this paragraph. 

This is also another one of those sets where the backs of the cards look better than the fronts. At least in concept maybe. I mean, instead of just putting two different shots of the Ren Cen in the background, why not mix it up a little bit some other iconic Detroit landmarks like Motown Studios, the Windsor Tunnel, or even the downtown Borders on Woodward Ave.?

The 1993 Leaf Detroit Tigers:
16 Travis Fryman
38 Milt Cuyler
60 Dan Gladden
81 Mike Henneman
103 Bill Gullickson
110 Tettleton/Fryman
126 Tony Phillips
148 Lou Whitaker
191 Mike Munoz
213 Mickey Tettleton
246 Rob Deer
283 Cecil Fielder
314 Kirk Gibson
348 Bill Krueger
375 Scott Livingstone
401 Mike Moore
421 Alan Trammell
463 Chad Kreuter
484 David Wells
534 John Doherty

I have no way of verifying that this checklist card #110 is of Mickey Tettleton doing a flip over the railing while Travis Fryman watches from the dugout, but my theory is the only one I've ever heard, so I'm running with it. 

There were a few ho-hum insert cards. And by ho-hum I mean, "Oh really? Who gives a shit about a Greg Gohr insert card?"

Fasttrack #19 Travis Fryman
Gold All Stars #3 Cecil Fielder
Gold Rookies #6 Greg Gohr

Thursday, December 4, 2008

1993 Donruss

I like this set although it kinda reminds me of '92 Fleer Ultra. I think it's the embossed look of the little diamond and bar on the front, I dunno. I do know however that this was Donruss best effort since '84. 

I love the pic of Shawn Hare with the bat back on his shoulder as the ball is about to whiz by him. I like what they did with the checklists too. A Fryman-Livingstone high five should be preserved for all of eternity. 

The 1993 Donruss Detroit Tigers:
13 Mickey Tettleton
41 Rico Brogna
71 Mark Carreon
77 Rich Rowland
99 Kevin Ritz
127 Travis Fryman
145 Kurt Knudsen
173 Milt Cuyler
203 John Kiely
231 Rob Deer
259 Mike Henneman
277 John Doherty
305 Shawn Hare
335 Dave Haas
391 Phil Clark
409 Scott Livingstone
437 Skeeter Barnes
467 Dan Gladden
495 Mark Leiter
523 Bill Gullickson
541 Cecil Fielder
569 Buddy Groom
599 Frank Tanana
605 Greg Gohr
627 Mike Munoz
655 Alan Trammell
673 Chad Kreuter
686 Lou Whitaker
701 Tony Phillips
772 Walt Terrell

There is also a card of Scott Aldred pictured as a Tiger but listed as a Rockie, #733.

They ran out the same looking Diamond Kings in '93 as they did in '92.

DK-15 Cecil Fielder

There were a few inserts, all of which featured Cecil Fielder.
Elite 34 Cecil Fielder
MVP 17 Cecil Fielder
Spirit of the Game 10 Cecil Fielder, Rob Deer, and Mickey Tettleton

I don't have a lot here. I really don't, and I've had two weeks to think about it. Beer is not even getting the juices flowing.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

1993 Fleer Flair

These are great looking cards (despite the goil foil, but I won't go into it again...) but I never look at these without thinking of those cheesy high school senior yearbook pictures that debuted in the 80's with the ghosted head shot looking in a different direction than the other picture. I guess it could be worse, Fleer could have issued a set with everybody wearing painters caps, skinny wool ties, or having big oversized combs sticking out of their back pockets. 

The 1993 Fleer Flair Detroit Tigers:
200 John Doherty
201 Cecil Fielder
202 Travis Fryman
203 Kirk Gibson
204 Mike Henneman
205 Chad Kreuter
206 Scott Livingstone
207 Tony Phillips
208 Mickey Tettleton
209 Alan Trammell
210 David Wells
211 Lou Whitaker

1993 Fleer Ultra

My guess is that someone at Fleer figured out that if you make a set so beautiful it ranks as one of the all time best, why mess with it? So they made a few tweaks and released another great looking Ultra set in '93. Not quite as good as '92, but it's so damn close there's not really much to say that I haven't already said about the '92's. 

I absolutely love that card of David Haas looking like he's about to try and field the flaming baseball logo that is headed for his feet. His eyes are staring right at it. Magnificent.

The 1993 Fleer Ultra Detroit Tigers:
194 Milt Cuyler
195 Rob Deer
196 John Doherty
197 Travis Fryman
198 Dan Gladden
199 Mike Henneman
200 John Kiely
201 Chad Kreuter
202 Scott Livingstone
203 Tony Phillips
204 Alan Trammell
548 Cecil Fielder
549 Kirk Gibson
550 Greg Gohr
551 David Haas
552 Bill Krueger
553 Mike Moore
554 Mickey Tettleton
555 Lou Whitaker

I only know about one insert card, and I don't have it.

Home Run Kings
3  Cecil Fielder

1993 Fleer

Wow, I didn't realize that it's been over two weeks since my last entry. Between Facebook, other writing projects, and just plain writer's block when thinking about the upcoming lackluster 90's sets, I just haven't been able to muster up the gumption to get on here and keep plugging away. But with a little help from my friends at Anheuser-Busch, maybe I can get something going tonight.

There were a couple of great looking issues from Fleer in '93. This wasn't one of them. This is quite possibly one of the most boring sets ever. But compared to a lot of the crap that came out in the 90's, boring is ok. 

At the time I actually thought these were pretty cool and collected the whole 9 billion card base set, which I gave away shortly after completing. But I kept the Tigers cards, so here they are, pink trim be damned. 

The 1993 Fleer Detroit Tigers:
224 Milt Cuyler
225 Rob Deer
226 John Doherty
227 Cecil Fielder
228 Trvis Fryman
229 Mike Henneman
230 John Kiely
231 Kurt Knudsen
232 Scott Livingstone
233 Tony Phillips
234 Mickey Tettleton
345  League Leaders Cecil Fielder
603 Skeeter Barnes
604 Mark Carreon
605 Dan Gladden
606 Bill Gullickson
607 Chad Kreuter
608 Mark Leiter
609 Mike Munoz
610 Rich Rowland
611 Frank Tanana
612 Walt Terrell
613 Alan Trammell
614 Lou Whitaker
711 Round Trippers Cecil Fielder
714 Super Star Special Cecil Fielder

There were a few different inserts, but I only have one. At least it was the one of one of the greatest players in MLB history, and I'm not talking about Cecil. (sorry, that's a Detroit Tigers Forum inside joke.....check out the link in the sidebar to find many more)

1993 AL All-Stars
5 Cecil Fielder

Major League Prospects
15 Rico Brogna

Pro-Visions II
3 Cecil Fielder

Rookie Sensations
6 Scott Livingstone

Fleer introduced the mother of all update sets in '93, with this one checking in at 300 cards. So essentially it was a full third series. No inserts that I know of, but a nice list of Tigers.

1993 Fleer Final Edition:
209F Kirk Gibson
210F Greg Gohr
211F Bill Krueger
212F Bob MacDonald
213F Mike Moore
214F David Wells

I've mentioned before my rule of collecting Tigers team sets, but it was a long time ago, so I'll mention it again, because one of the rules applies here. My general rule of thumb is that if the team listed on the front says "Detroit Tigers" and the player is pictured in another uniform, or like the '88 Topps Dickie Noles card it says in small print something about playing for the Tigers, or the player featured is in a Tigers uniform even though he is listed on another team, he goes in my team set collection. 

It's sort of hard for me to keep track of these because I don't have the full sets to look through to verify that I have these exceptions. The folks who published the team set book I am using (which is getting very near it's end) don't see it the way I see it. So I'm more or less at the mercy of either having it or not to be able to list it here. 

Three paragraphs about this lousy Kevin Ritz card. It may not be quality, but I's say the writers block has lifted for the time being. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

1993 Bowman

On the flip side, I have come to love blogging about Bowman cards, simply to look back at the Tigers I have absolutely no recollection of......

1993 Bowman Detroit Tigers:
11 Lou Whitaker
39 Chris Gomez
67 Travis Fryman
95 Danny Bautista
151 Kenny Carlisle
179 Mike Moore
207 Ben Blomdahl
235 Scott Livingstone
263 Rick Greene
291 Brian Edmondson
319 Ivan Cruz
332 Rob Deer
391 Alan Trammell
419 Tony Phillips
447 Justin Mashore
475 Cecil Fielder
503 Jason Pfaff
531 Sean Bergman
559 Mike Henneman
587 Justin Thompson
615 Mickey Tettleton
643 Felipe Lira
671 Greg Gohr

Add Carlisle, Blomdahl, Edmondson, Mashore, and Pfaff to the list. I swear I think Bowman made some of these guys up. Hell, I don't remember Greene or Cruz except for seeing them on other cards. Boy did we suck back then.....

1993 Stadium Club

I don't think I have ever liked a Stadium Club set, but hands down that is the best Tony Phillips card ever. 

1993 Stadium Club:
5 Tony Phillips
31 Mickey Tettleton
65 Kurt Knudsen
116 Mark Leiter
135 Lou Whitaker
156 Milt Cuyler
191 Danny Gladden
212 John Kiely
223 Walt Terrell
248 Mike Munoz
267 Frank Tanana
328 Scott Livingstone
357 Rob Deer
389 Skeeter Barnes
416 Alan Trammell
448 Travis Fryman
480 Mike Henneman
503 Cecil Fielder
519 Rich Rowland
530 Rico Brogna
574 Bill Gullickson
673 Kirk Gibson
685 Greg Gohr
693 Mike Moore

I want one of those caps. Better yet I'd like to see an Indians card from 1993 with one of those throwbacks just to see what they look like. 

1993 Topps

Well between facebook and the election I have been severely slacking around here getting some stuff up. Hopefully I can get on a roll and get this finished by the end of the year so I can move on to newer stuff as well as the unveiling of my own personally designed set of baseball cards. With that being said, let's get going.

If I've said it once, I've said it at least more than once, but never on cyberspace though, and here it is: 1993 Topps was the last great base set they ever made. As far as I'm concerned, they've never even come close, and I don't even have any sentimental attachment to this set. (Other than that bitching card of Buddy Groom in the cool throwback. Check out the rotting Cleveland Municpal Stadium in the background.....) 

It's just a nice looking set. It's uncluttered, easy to read (gold foil will change all that in the years to come) and has some really nice subsets too. In fact, I wish Topps did more things like having multiple managers/all-stars/prospects on a single card. 

The Coming Attractions, Manager, and All-Star cards are nice in an innovative yet not too flashy sort of way. Since I mostly only collect Tigers, it's also a cool way to get some other guys that I normally wouldn't pay attention to, like Art Howe and Barry Larkin. The only thing bad about the Phil Clark Coming Attractions card is that Phil Clark is on it. Otherwise it's a nifty looking card. I know I've bashed the silly Score subsets in the past, and deservedly so, but these never gave off that chintzy vibe to me that Score did. 

The 1993 Topps Detroit Tigers:
26 Skeeter Barnes
53 Frank Tanana
80 Cecil Fielder
107 John Kiely
135 Mickey Tettleton
160 Lou Whitaker
189 Tony Phillips
216 Mark Leiter
233 Rick Greene
243 Rob Deer
272 Kurt Knudsen
298 Scott Livingstone
325 Bill Gullickson
353 Buddy Groom
379 Mike Munoz
392 Travis Fryman
423 Ivan Cruz
429 Milt Cuyler
491 Shawn Hare
506 Sparky Anderson
536 Dave Haas
567 Mark Carreon
598 Rico Brogna
626 Danny Gladden
660 Alan Trammell
692 Chad Kreuter
713 John Doherty
756 Mike Henneman
802 Phil Clark

The Traded set was short but sweet.
8T Kirk Gibson
50T David Wells

Topps continued with those crappy goil foil parallels that are just about impossible to read. Had I known they would eventually ALWAYS use the gold foil, I might not have disliked these so much.

In an obvious attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Soul Asylum, Topps debuted the Black Gold insert set. These could have left without a trace and nobody would have cared. They were definitely not the runaway train that Topps had hoped for......

30 Cecil Fielder
41 Mickey Tettleton

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

My apologies to the three regular readers of this blog for the delay of my much anticipated review of 1993 Topps, but I have spent the past week making the jump to Facebook in hopes of possibly doubling, or dare I say, tripling, readership here at DTCAS.

I think a slow down was to be expected with regards to my trying to blog about fourteen something different sets a night. I'm about to begin chronicling a ten year period in card collecting history which saw upwards of twenty to thirty different releases a year, and quite frankly my liver just can't keep up with those kinds of numbers anymore.

However, now that I am Facebooking, I would like to add a little more literary, musical, and movie related content to the site as well. Given that a large percentage of my Facebook "friends" are "creative types" I hope to drive up readership to such lofty heights as ten or more people. Also, I just plain enjoy discussing that type of stuff.

For the three readers who have stuck around from the beginning, don't worry. It'll still be primarily about the Documentation of the Cardboard Preservation of the Legends of the OED. But a little musing here and there about the collective works of John Hughes; unreleased and rear bootlegs of The Outfield; wondering why Richard Russo keeps writing the same novel; or the age old question of who was faster, Superman or The Flash; will hopefully provide a much needed increase in participation here at DTCAS.

Oh yeah, you can find me here:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier

Je n'ai rien l'original pour dire de cette série. Donc je serai péniblement unclever et le dis français.

L'O-Pee-Chee Premier Tigres de Détroit:
11 Danny Gladden
31 Alan Trammell
48 Mark Leiter
56 Scott Livingstone
70 Cecil Fielder
80 Eric King
88 Mark Carreon
126 Pete Incaviglia
174 Paul Gibson

Paul Gibson? Oui.

Lou Whitaker? Non.
Ma bonté! Remercier des cieux que je suis fini avec 1992!

Friday, October 24, 2008

1992 Upper Deck

I swore I was not going to do another Upper Deck set while under the influence.

I lied.

I like these. I really do. But I must draw this blogging session to a close.

The 1992 Upper Deck Detroit Tigers:
74 Rico Brogna
96 Team Checklist Cecil Fielder
184 Tony Phillips
251 Mickey Tettleton
255 Cecil Fielder
271 Pete Incaviglia
273 Alan Trammell
294 Rob Deer
317 Bill Gullickson
319 Mark Leiter
339 Mike Henneman
453 Rusty Meacham
466 Travis Fryman
468  Lloyd Moseby
470 Skeeter Barnes
487 John Cerutti
489 Paul Gibson
516 Lou Whitaker
520 Walt Terrell
536 Milt Cuyler
538 Scott Livingstone
601 Jerry Don Gleaton
605 Frank Tanana
643 Travis Fryman Best Infield Arm
647 Cecil Fielder Best Power
737 Dan Gladden
739 Mark Carreon

There were some inserts.

The Inserts:

Scouting Report
SR14 Scott Livingstone

Home Run Heroes
HR2 Cecil Fielder

Ted Williams Best
T5 Cecil Fielder

The first person to post a comment about the Mark Carreon photo that makes me laugh will win something to be determined sometime later. Probably a beer sometime next summer in Pittsburgh.....

Thank in advance for playing.

1992 Pinnacle

Score decided they were going to join the big boy club with their own high end set in 1992, and they didn't do a bad job with these. But from a printing standpoint, all they did was throw a gloss coating on a regular card, so these aren't really all that high end, unless you consider the sticker price on these packs.

I like these better than their base set, what with the black and orange motif, but there's not much else to like about these. No interesting design, no interesting player selection, no interesting nothing. Even the Team 2000 insert set is uninteresting. There's not even a goofy photograph to make fun of. 


The 1992 Pinnacle Detroit Tigers:
4 Cecil Fielder
29 Lou Whitaker
87 Bill Gullickson
110 Travis Fryman
113 Alan Trammell
164 Mike Henneman
174 Milt Cuyler
190 Walt Terrell
198 Frank Tanana
218 Skeeter Barnes
226 Mickey Tettleton
243 Tony Phillips
318 Dan Gladden
348 Rob Deer
354 Scott Aldred
441 Mark Carreon
490 Scott Livingstone
503 Eric King
513 John Doherty
579 Trever Miller
598 Shawn Hare

Egads! I picked up the one insert card I have from this set out of a commons bin. I had no idea there were that many more! 

Rookie Idols:
17 Chad Curtis and Alan Trammell

1 Cecil Fielder

Team 2000:
4 Travis Fryman
44 Milt Cuyler

4 John Doherty

1992 Score

I'll never understand the logic behind the odd border combinations of Score's sets. At my age I spend far too much time looking for my car keys in the morning to devote too much time to thinking about things like this. So it will probably always remain a mystery. But in '92, Score came back to give us a decent looking set, weird border colors not withstanding. 

The Ty Cobb tribute card is the best Tigers card Score ever made, period. Hell, I'd collect a whole set of HOF cards that looked like that.

The 1992 Score Detroit Tigers:
26 Milt Cuyler
50 Cecil Fielder
56 Rob Deer
65 Travis Fryman
134 Mickey Tettleton
179 John Cerutti
217 Mike Henneman
242 Bill Gullickson
255 Lou Whitaker
261 Paul Gibson
271 Frank Tanana
306 Pete Incaviglia
355 Walt Terrell
375 Jerry Don Gleaton
394 Mark Salas
395 Rusty Meacham
414 Scott Livingstone
453 Tony Phillips
468 Lloyd Moseby
515 Alan Trammell
537 Andy Allanson
543 Dave Bergman
569 Skeeter Barnes
626 Mark Leiter
729 Scott Aldred
825 David Haas
828 Shawn Hare
831 Dan Gakeler
878 Ty Cobb Tribute

There was a bloated 90 card insert set of "Impact Players." Hard to fathom that there could be 90 cards of "Impact Players", but it's true. Just in case you think I am lying, Milt Cuyler, Anthony Young, and Eddie Zosky are in this set. As I like to say on occasion, there you go.

4 Milt Cuyler
47 Travis Fryman
60 Cecil Fielder

One of these days, I'm going to go on ebay and buy a Score Rookie and Traded set for each year, because it seems that I never did, and then bundle up all the non-Tigers by team to trade to other folks like me.

The 1992 Score Update and Traded:
28 Dan Gladden
37 Mark Carreon
42 Eric King
81 John Doherty

1992 Triple Play

Just to make sure the kids didn't go a wanting in '92, Donruss released a set specifically marketed for them, and it says here that they did a great job. The fiery borders somehow work here. The player selection is ok for a 264 card set. I vaguely remember that you could put this whole set together for under $10. (That would explain why I am missing a few of these....) So despite my ragging on Donruss for their previous childish designs, it's ok to do so in my book as long as the cards are cheap and made for kids to begin with.

The 1992 Donruss Triple Play Detroit Tigers:
29 Cecil Fielder
44 Mickey Tettleton
86 Travis Fryman
99 Awesome Action Tony Phillips
100 Milt Cuyler
117 Lou Whitaker
161 Bill Gullickson
176 Alan Trammell
218 Tony Phillips
249 Frank Tanana

Now to perhaps one of the best baseball cards ever. Check out the "Awesome Action" card of Luis Polonia stealing second base on the Tigers. Now look at the second picture of the ump calling Polonia out while the ball is clearly above Phillips's head. Now look at what it says on the back of the card.

Awesome. Simply awesome. They even let the kids write up the backs too. How could anybody not like these?

1992 Studio

Donruss did a much better job with their second year of Studio cards than they did with their first. The metallic gold borders and grainy sepia tone photo were both innovative in '92. Unfortunately, there isn't much else going on here. Unless you count the photo of the dad from Seventh Heaven on Frank Tanana's card. You don't think that's him? Look at the t-shirt. Enough said.

The 1992 Studio Detroit Tigers:
171 Milt Cuyler
172 Rob Deer
173 Cecil Fielder
174 Travis Fryman
175 Mike Henneman
176 Tony Phillips
177 Frank Tanana
178 Mickey Tettleton
179 Alan Trammell
180 Lou Whitaker

1992 Leaf

Some sets don't really give you much to work with, and this is one of those sets. They used the metallic silver again to excess and didn't do much with the design. The parallel cards look much much better, but again, gold foil over black doesn't scan worth a shit, so you won't see much here.

The 1992 Leaf Detroit Tigers:
21 Frank Tanana
40 Tony Phillips
61 Bill Gullickson
75 Milt Cuyler
127 Scott Livingstone
153 Cecil Fielder
172 Alan Trammell
193 Rob Deer
207 Mark Leiter
239 Dan Gladden
259 Mark Carreon
285 Mickey Tettleton
304 Travis Fryman
325 Mike Henneman
386 Kevin Ritz
391 Lou Whitaker
402 Les Lancaster
496 Chad Kreuter

There was another Gold Rookies insert set that was pretty ho-hum. The cards themselves don't look that great, but the picture of John Doherty makes him look like a bad ass flame thrower, which he never was. If I had the card I would post it, but I don't, and I can't find a decent scan on ebay.
BC24 John Doherty

1992 Donruss

I like to refer to these as Donruss' comeback set. Ok, I have never actually referred to these as Donruss' comeback set, but I would like to. Donruss leapt ahead of most of their competition in base sets in 1992. You can tell that desktop publishing was really starting to take off around this time. The gradiated blue borders (green on The Rookies of course...) really are a nice, simple touch to these. 

Donruss also figured out that the gold foil worked much better as an accentuation on their Diamond King inserts, which were the best looking DK's every produced. The cards are printed on a nice thick white card stock with a glossy finish. While this is not one of my favorite Donruss issues, it at least showed that they were done appealing to kids with their base set. Consider this a springboard to some of the fantastic cards they produced in the mid-90's.

The 1992 Donruss Detroit Tigers:
42 Andy Allanson
85 Mickey Tettleton
111 Frank Tanana
131 BIll Gullickson
164 Alan Trammell
206 Cecil Fielder
232 Milt Cuyler
253 Mike Henneman
285 Milt Cuyler
328 Tony Phillips
349 Travis Fryman
375 Paul Gibson
443 Lloyd Moseby
486 Scott Aldred
512 Mark Salas
532 Rob Deer
565 Walt Terrell
607 Jerry Don Gleaton
633 Mark Leiter
675 Scott Livingstone
709 John Cerutti
749 Skeeter Barnes
DK-25 Tony Phillips Diamond King

This was the last year of The Rookies as we would know them. If that didn't make you shed a tear, perhaps the list of Tigers will do so:
17 Rico Brogna
33 John Doherty
44 Buddy Groom
48 Shawn Hare
62 Kurt Knudsen

1992 Fleer Ultra

Hands down my favorite set of 1992. Everything about these look great. The marble background. The embossed look of the bars with the player and team name, in team colors. Even the gold foil, which I absolutely despise, looks great. (used to accentuate and not the focal point of the design, as it should be......) Even the backs look better than most card designs of the last 20 years. (I LOVE the 3D look to the Tigers' logo.) Fleer knocked one out of the proverbial park with this issue.

The 1992 Fleer Ultra Detroit Tigers:
56 Dave Bergman
57 Milt Cuyler
58 Rob Deer
59 Cecil Fielder
60 Travis Fryman
61 Scott Livingstone
62 Tony Phillips
63 Mickey Tettleton
64 Alan Trammell
65 Lou Whitaker
358 Skeeter Barnes
359 Mark Carreon
360 John Doherty
361 Dan Gladden
362 BIll Gullickson
363 Shawn Hare
364 Mike Henneman
365 Chad Kreuter
366 Mark Leiter
367 Mike Munoz

Never before this moment right now did I know that there were any Tiger insert cards in this set, which is a shame. The All-Stars set was every bit as elegant as the base set. maybe even more. I am going to have to hunt this puppy down on ebay. Maybe even tonight.

5 Mickey Tettleton

Note: I just checked ebay, and there are none. As gorgeous as those All-Star cards are, I can certainly imagine why....

1992 Fleer

1992 was just another year in a long line of lackluster releases by Fleer. Boring cards with those hideous metallic spearmint green borders. I think this was the same color as the Buick Skylark in My Cousin Vinny. When the best you can do is reference Lane Smith's best performance, it's time to move on.

The 1992 Fleer Detroit Tigers:
127 Scott Aldred
128 Andy Allanson
129 John Cerutti
130 Milt Cuyler
131 Mike Dalton
132 Rob Deer
133 Cecil Fielder
134 Travis Fryman
135 Dan Gakeler
136 Paul Gibson
137 Bill Gullickson
138 Mike Henneman
139 Pete Incaviglia
140 Mark Leiter
141 Scott Livingstone
142 Lloyd Phillips
143 Tony Phillips
144 Mark Salas
145 Frank Tanana
146 Walt Terrell
147 Mickey Tettleton
148 Alan Trammell
149 Lou Whitaker
692 League Leaders Cecil Fielder
705 Super Star Special Cecil Fielder
715 Team Checklist

There wasn't too much special going on with the inserts either. You can see that gold foil doesn't scan all that great. Have I mentioned that before?

Rookie Sensations:
7 Milt Cuyler

Fleer All-Stars:
9 Mickey Tettleton

Lumber Company:
1 Cecil Fielder
2 Mickey Tettleton

Team Leaders:
6 Cecil Fielder

Nice, big, but still boring, Update set:
19U Rico Brogna
20U John Doherty
21U Dan Gladden
22U Buddy Groom
23U Shawn Hare
24U John Kiely
25U Kurt Knudsen

If you read this far to tell me that Mike Dalton's card is not in the Update set, then leave me a message telling me so. As luck would have it , I don't have any of the Update cards, except for the one insert card that was included in the factory set. Which begs the question, how can you really have an "insert" card if you put one in every set? But I'm not in a begging mood tonight, so screw it.....

'92 Headliners:
4 Cecil Fielder