Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1990 Fleer

True story. Just now, while trying to come up with something to say about '90 Fleer, my scanner locked up, and subsequently, so did my computer. So I shut it down, went and changed over a load of clothes, went to the pisser, and then restarted my computer. Compelling stuff, right? More compelling than '90 Fleer, priceless.........

The 1990 Fleer Detroit Tigers:
599 Doyle Alexander
600 Dave Bergman
601 Brian DuBois
602 Paul Gibson
603 Mike Heath
604 Mike Henneman
605 Guillermo Hernandez
606 Shawn Holman
607 Tracy Jones
608 Chet Lemon
609 Fred Lynn
610 Jack Morris
611 Matt Nokes
612 Gary Pettis
613 Kevin Ritz
614 Jeff Robinson
615 Steve Searcy
616 Frank Tanana
617 Alan Trammell
618 Gary Ward
619 Lou Whitaker
620 Frank Williams
660 Team Checklist

The 1990 Fleer Update Detroit Tigers:
95U Cecil Fielder
96U Travis Fryman
97U Lloyd Moseby
98U Edwin Nunez
99U Tony Phillips
100U Larry Sheets

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Jon said...

Mercifully, Fleer started to pare down the 44 card box sets...

1990 Fleer League Leaders
27. Jack Morris

1990 Fleer MVPs
41. Alan Trammell

Need checklists for:
1990 Fleer All-Stars (12 cards)
1990 Fleer Baseball All-Stars (44 cards)
1990 Fleer Award Winners (44 cards)
Checklists of these are not easy to come by...