Friday, October 24, 2008

1992 Donruss

I like to refer to these as Donruss' comeback set. Ok, I have never actually referred to these as Donruss' comeback set, but I would like to. Donruss leapt ahead of most of their competition in base sets in 1992. You can tell that desktop publishing was really starting to take off around this time. The gradiated blue borders (green on The Rookies of course...) really are a nice, simple touch to these. 

Donruss also figured out that the gold foil worked much better as an accentuation on their Diamond King inserts, which were the best looking DK's every produced. The cards are printed on a nice thick white card stock with a glossy finish. While this is not one of my favorite Donruss issues, it at least showed that they were done appealing to kids with their base set. Consider this a springboard to some of the fantastic cards they produced in the mid-90's.

The 1992 Donruss Detroit Tigers:
42 Andy Allanson
85 Mickey Tettleton
111 Frank Tanana
131 BIll Gullickson
164 Alan Trammell
206 Cecil Fielder
232 Milt Cuyler
253 Mike Henneman
285 Milt Cuyler
328 Tony Phillips
349 Travis Fryman
375 Paul Gibson
443 Lloyd Moseby
486 Scott Aldred
512 Mark Salas
532 Rob Deer
565 Walt Terrell
607 Jerry Don Gleaton
633 Mark Leiter
675 Scott Livingstone
709 John Cerutti
749 Skeeter Barnes
DK-25 Tony Phillips Diamond King

This was the last year of The Rookies as we would know them. If that didn't make you shed a tear, perhaps the list of Tigers will do so:
17 Rico Brogna
33 John Doherty
44 Buddy Groom
48 Shawn Hare
62 Kurt Knudsen

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i have card #285 as sweet lou.