Thursday, February 9, 2012

2013 Topps Classic sell sheet (sounds amazing!)

Topps Classic Set!

Classic stock like Heritage, but with an original design like Lineage.

6 Series, 180 cards per series.

Each Series will be released approximately every 8 weeks during a year.

Most Series will feature 4-6 cards per team plus misc subsets (listed below).

Series 1 February

Subset: Previous year award winners (MVP, CY Young, ROY, & All-Rookie team)

Series 2 April

Subset: Players on new teams (with actual NEW photos, no photoshopped photos)

Series 3 June

Subset: HOF Class of ‘13 (2013 HOF inductees on base cards using photos from all the teams he played for)

Series 4 August

Subset: All-Stars (starters, combos, highlights, and MVP)

Series 5 October

Subset: September call ups/prospects (old-fashioned 2-3 players from one team on one card)

Series 6 November

Subset: Postseason Highlights

Subset: League Leaders

All Series will include a few Classic Combos, HOF veterans, and managers as well as any highlights, MLB debuts, and trades that occur since the previous series.

No SP or variations. NONE!

One insert set per series of 9 cards (approx 1:4). One parallel set numbered to that year (approx 1:1). One “hit” (approx 1:72)

Insert sets:

Series 1: Award Winner Reprints (cards of HOF players from award winning seasons)

Series 2: Then & Now (star players rookie photo and current photo)

Series 3: Hello & Goodbye (HOF players rookie and last card reprints)

Series 4: All-Time Leaders (multi-photo cards of all-time leaders)

Series 5: Artists Renditions (classic cards painted by various artists)

Series 6: Fall Classics Reprints (reprint cards of HOF players from classic postseason years)

12 cards to a $2 pack (11 base cards and one parallel, insert, or hit)

WOW! This set sounds amazing. Pays homage to so many sets yet offers so much to so many different collectors.

Too bad I just made the entire thing up. But I would TOTALLY collect this. Discuss. Maybe if this gets passed around the internet enough it will inspire Topps to finally come out with a great set!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buyer Beware: 2012 Topps '87 Minis

I was able to to put together the 50 card set of '87 minis Sunday at a show for a grand total of $11.50.

I got home from work tonight and the cards are already starting to curl like '10 Chrome.

No Tigers in Series 1, but no Prince Fielder either, which means Series 2 ought to be loaded with Tigers. I'm guessing Fielder, Verlander, Cabrera, and Avila.

Topps fucking sucks.

Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 Topps Series 1 Detroit Tigers

I've posted the scans on facebook for anybody who might be interested. Search for the group "Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff." Prepare to be underwhelmed. Or just go here: