Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1990 Bowman

The folks at Topps made the decision that year two of Bowman would focus primarily on rookies and prospects, and for a Tiger collector in 1990, that wasn't such a bad thing. The cards themselves aren't much to look at. When viewed side-by-side with a 1990 Topps card they look elegant. When viewed side-by-side with each other, they look like something that came out of a box of Mueslix.

Again there are several Tigers here who I have never heard of. (Eric Stone? Steve Wapnick?) In the years before the internet that's to be expected I guess for someone living in Tennessee who had no way of following the Tigers minor league teams for free. But as bad as some of these "suspects" turned out to be, at least we got a nice rookie card of Travis Fryman. (It still gripes my ass that we traded him for Matt Drews, Gabe Alvarez, and Joe Randa)

Oh well, the 1990 Bowman Detroit Tigers:
343 Frank Tanana
344 Scott Aldred
345 Mike Henneman
346 Steve Wapnick
347 Greg Gohr
348 Eric Stone
349 Brian DuBois
350 Kevin Ritz
351 Rico Brogna
352 Mike Heath
353 Alan Trammell
354 Chet Lemon
355 Dave Bergman
356 Lou Whitaker
357 Cecil Fielder
358 Milt Cuyler
359 Tony Phillips
360 Travis Fryman
361 Ed Romero
362 Lloyd Moseby


White Sox Cards said...

Bowman is still one of my favorite base card designs of 1990.

Jon said...

You don't remember Eric Stone because he never appeared in the majors..ever. He did make it to Toledo at one point. Steve Wapnick pitched a total of 7 innings for the 1990 Tigers, then 5 for the 1991 White Sox. That was it.