Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1990 Upper Deck

Upper Deck didn't do much different in 1990 than they did in 1989. Truth be told, I didn't either. 

These are great looking cards, but they sill look too much like the year before. Much like I did too.

I was raking in 1990 though, making $9/hour, and I spent a lot of it on these cards. I did take a great vacation in Washington D.C. that year, unlike the year before.

The Phillies are about to win the pennant, with former Tiger Chad Durbin a key cog in the wheel. Congrats Chad. Joe Buck just told me that it was 20 years ago today that Gibby hit the HR off Dennis Eckersley that would forever make him famous. I was playing poker that night at a buddy's trailer in Brunswick, Maine and quit watching the game in the 8th inning. It wasn't until I got home in the middle of the night that I would see the outcome. Congrats Kirk. 

Congrats to Paul Gibson for winning the Tom Monaghan look-alike contest....

The 1990 Upper Deck Detroit Tigers:
2 Randy Nosek
41 Team Checklist - Lou Whitaker
76 Rob Richie
78 Brian DuBois
98 Kevin Ritz
226 Matt Nokes
247 Fred Lynn
249 Kenny Wiliams
306 Mike Heath
309 Tracy Jones
312 Mike Brumley
327 Lou Whitaker
330 Doyle Alexander
332 Torey Lovullo
348 Chet Lemon
381 Dave Bergman
385 Gary Pettis
496 Paul Gibson
516 Frank Tanana
518 Guillermo Hernandez
520 Charles Hudson
537 Mike Henneman
539 Frank Williams
552 Jeff Robinson
554 Alan Trammell
573 Jack Morris
575 Steve Searcy
768 Tony Phllips
786 Cecil Fielder
789 Lloyd Moseby

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