Friday, October 17, 2008

1991 Upper Deck

I can see already that Upper Deck is getting a bad shake in this deal. As I like to blog about a year per night, usually with beer, I find myself getting increasingly sloppy by the time I get to their cards each year. I'll address this in my final post this evening.

Upper Deck was stuck in a rut nonetheless. I have a hard time telling their first few years cards apart, which is a shame, since they were always at the top end of the spectrum. These really are great looking cards, but again, they didn't seem to have much going on with regards to originality. They just seem to keep moving home plate around. 

But, they do have that error card of Frank Tanana with Larry Wilcox's picture......

The 1991 Upper Deck Detroit Tigers:
7 Scott Aldred
45 Team Checklist - Jack Morris
73 Rico Brogna
131 Tony Phillips
201 John Shelby
203 Lance McCullers
205 Mark Salas
223 Alan Trammell
225 Travis Fryman
241 Scott Lusader
244 Cecil Fielder
316 Dan Petry
318 Mike Heath
320 Walt Terrell
336 Jack Morris
338 Steve Searcy
340 Larry Sheets
367 Lou Whitaker
369 Frank Tanana
386 Mike Henneman
389 Chet Lemon
412 Gary Ward
556 Milt Cuyler
559 Lloyd Moseby
579 Paul Gibson
599 Dave Bergman
676 Jeff Robinson

High Number Series:
726 Rob Deer
729 Mickey Tettleton
747 Pete Incaviglia

There was one insert card. Much like Donruss, it wasn't much of an insert card, it was just numbered differently. Oh, and it had a pretty bat. A silver bat. With white stars.

SS12 Cecil Fielder Sliver Slugger

Upper Deck also released an extra end of the year boxed set, the Final Edition. This was in addition to the high number series they already released. So I guess this is like the the second Update edition. Either way, that's a cool card of Livingstone.

44F Rusty Meacham
53F Scott Livingstone
82F Cecil Fielder

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