Friday, October 17, 2008

1991 Studio

Wow. Where to begin. Somebody at Donruss was dating someone at Olan Mills and voila! Studio!! I graduated HS in 1986, and I swear that 99% of the guy's senior pics in my yearbook look exactly like Lloyd Moseby's. Sadly, the other 2 pictures look just like Rob Deer's. (and Wyatt Earp's...) I will not be posting my own picture at this time.

The 1991 Studio Detroit Tigers:
51 Milt Cuyler
52 Rob Deer
53 Cecil Fielder
54 Travis Fryman
55 Bill Gullickson
56 Lloyd Moseby
57 Frank Tanana
58 Mickey Tettleton
59 Alan Trammell
60 Lou Whitaker

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Sam said...

Don't forget about card #261 - Checklist card with a nice head shot of Sparky Anderson on the front.