Monday, October 13, 2008

1989 Fleer

Again Fleer busted out one of those old 44 card box sets designs, while managing to make it even worse with one of the most drab issues ever. The reverse prison bars look pretty much says it all.

The 1989 Fleer Detroit Tigers:
128 Doyle Alexander
129 Dave Bergman
130 Tom Brookens
131 Paul Gibson
132 Mike Heath
133 Don Heinkel
134 Mike Henneman
135 Guillermo Hernandez
136 Eric King
137 Chet Lemon
138 Fred Lynn
139 Jack Morris
140 Matt Nokes
141 Gary Pettis
142 Ted Power
143 Jeff Robinson
144 Luis Salazar
145 Steve Searcy
146 Pat Sheridan
147 Frank Tanana
148 Alan Trammell
149 Walt Terrell
150 Jim Walewander
151 Lou Whitaker
648 Torey Lovullo
655 Team Checklist

There were two lackluster insert cards.

1989 Fleer All-Star Team
11 Alan Trammell

Box Bottom Card:
C-26 Alan Trammell

More of the same from the Update set.

30U Mike Brumley
31U Tracy Jones
32U Mike Schwabe
33U Gary Ward
34U Frank Williams

Mike Schwabe? Where in the hell were we getting these guys from? I was on a break from college that year, so I can't blame not remembering these guys on that? Of course, having moved to rural Tennessee the year before, I was not able to keep up much with the Tigers, but Mike Schwabe? I'm not even bother the folks at retrosheet over this one. That card is bogus. I'm convinced that's a Todd Benzinger error card....

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Jon said...

Yet another go-round of the 44 card sets...

1989 Fleer MVPs
30. Jack Morris
39. Alan Trammell

1989 Fleer Exciting Stars
Here's a quote from "The fronts have baby blue borders; the backs are pink and blue." Baby blue and pink. This is for six year old girls interested in collecting baseball cards.
23. Mike Henneman
41. Alan Trammell

1989 Fleer Heroes of Baseball
To get an idea of these cards, picture a bag of Ruffles potato chips. Thick blue stripe, then thin red line, then white. This is precisely the background of these cards. Most of the set features headshots of the players looking vaguely uninterested.
40. Alan Trammell

1989 Fleer Superstars
The fronts of these cards are red and beige. Red and beige!
40. Alan Trammell

Still looking for checklists on the All-Stars and League Leaders sets...although I'm sure they're just Alan Trammell in the 39-41 range.