Monday, October 13, 2008

1989 Topps

1989. One of those nasty four number words like 1996. 2003. From World Champs to 103 losses in only five years. I won't get too caught up in all that here because this is my happy place. I'll just let the cards speak for themselves.

The Topps issue that year was one of the best ever. I like the script look and use of the team colors in the names and frame. I just wish there weren't so many mediocre Tigers.

The 1989 Topps Detroit Tigers:
43 Willie Hernandez
77 Doyle Alexander
127 Walt Terrell
146 Gary Pettis
167 Steve Searcy
193 Sparky Anderson
238 Eric King
267 Jeff Robinson
288 Pat Sheridan
320 Lou Whitaker
342 Tom Brookens
365 Mike Henneman
400 Alan Trammell All-Star
416 Fred Lynn
445 Matt Nokes
467 Jim Walewander
487 Scott Lusader
499 Don Heinkel
514 Chet Lemon
553 Luis Salazar
583 Paul Gibson
603 Frank Tanana
609 Team Leader Card
631 Dave Bergman
645 Jack Morris
667 Dwayne Murphy
743 Mike Heath
770 Alan Trammell
777 Ted Power

For the life of me I could've sworn I had the traded set Tigers, but I don't. A look at this list might explain why:

83T Keith Moreland
112T Rick Schu
124T Gary Ward
128T Frank Williams
129T Ken Williams

The Glossy Rookies:
10 Paul Gibson

Box Bottom Card:
C Darrell Evans


The Drizz said...

gotta love that kenny williams card! F the sox!

Jon said...

1989 Topps Glossy Send-Ins
Our winner? Lemon yellow!
20. Paul Gibson
25. Alan Trammell
Paul Gibson...we're scraping the bottom of the barrell here.

1989 Topps Mini Leaders
Same design as '89 base set, different photos, 2-1/8"x3", leaders of various statistical categories for the 1988 season. Despite being only one game out of first, the Tigers have exactly one card in this set.
53. Gary Pettis

1989 Topps Big
Great once again. Each letter of the player's last name gets its own box! More cartoons on the back too.
22. Lou Whitaker
61. Jack Morris
123. Alan Trammell
150. Pat Sheridan
182. Doyle Alexander
202. Chet Lemon
230. Paul Gibson
252. Mike Henneman
274. Jeff M. Robinson
303. Matt Nokes
324. Mike Brumley
Mike Brumley! They gave Mike Freaking Brumley a card!

1989 Topps Hills MVPs
Got the name? Good. Team MVPs, get them at Hills!
29. Alan Trammell

1989 Topps Sticker Backs
Stick some cards on the backs of stickers, charge ten cents more for the pack! 67 in all.
6. Lou Whitaker
12 Alan Trammell

1989 Topps DoubleHeader All-Stars
Here's a concept...a plastic holder with one card inside...the front of the card is their 1989 Topps, the back is a reprint of their rookie card. The bad news? The cheap plastic holder cracked and broke pretty easily. Only one Tiger in the set of 24.
4. Alan Trammell

1989 Topps UK Minis
Same idea as the '88 set, but this time the checklist differs more from the leaders set. 88 cards in all.
54. Jack Morris
77. Alan Trammell
83. Lou Whitaker

1989 Topps Coins
You knew these were coming, didn't you?
56. Alan Trammell
57. Lou Whitaker

robbyt said...

I picked up one unopened box of each series of the 1989 Topps Big for $5 each at The National. I'm keeping them put away to open up on a rainy day. I agree that it's a great looking set and a nice homage to '55 Topps.