Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1990 Leaf

The winner of the best issue of 1990 and it's not even close. Since Donruss had the little kids market locked up with their base cards, they took their Leaf brand and quit trying to compete with O-Pee-Chee and instead went after Upper Deck in the high end business. (Although with my printing background, I laugh that all they did was print on thicker stock and add a 5th color PMS Metallic Silver.) 

But you know what? They pulled off the best cards of 1990. They came up with a nice design, a relatively small set, and a low print run, and that added up to a stellar issue. I bought several boxes of these, at $40 each, and yet I am still missing half the Tigers in the set. Some things never change with Donruss. (Years later however, I did sell all of my Frank Thomas RC to more than recoup the $$$ I spent on these, so really I got the ones I have for free....)

The 1990 Leaf Detroit Tigers:
2 Mike Henneman
34 Lou Whitaker
60 Mike Heath
87 Frank Tanana
113 Gary Ward
133 Chet Lemon
165 Cecil Fielder
192 Matt Nokes
218 Alan Trammell
244 Dave Bergman
266 Brian DuBois
298 Paul Gibson
324 Tony Phillips
350 Larry Sheets
377 Lloyd Moseby
397 Edwin Nunez
429 Jeff Robinson
456 Lance McCullers
482 Jack Morris
508 Dan Petry

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