Friday, October 17, 2008

1991 Leaf

Year 2 of Leaf gave us these uninspired cards. It sort of looks like the cards are supposed to look like they are pictures in a photo album. A photo album full of lead paint maybe.

A great shot of things to come from Milt Cuyler though.

I can't imagine how pissed off if I would be if I were not a Tigers fan and I bought a pack of these high end cards and pulled a Jerry Don Gleaton......until I look at the Brewers checklist and see Kurt Knudsen. Suddenly I'm not so pissed anymore.....

The 1991 Leaf Detroit Tigers:
4 Tony Phillips
18 Mike Henneman
55 Paul Gibson
92 Dave Bergman
106 Cecil Fielder
120 Lou Whitaker
135 Jerry Don Gleaton
149 Travis Fryman
187 Steve Searcy
223 Lloyd Moseby
237 Rob Deer
251 Milt Cuyler
270 John Cerutti
322 Mickey Tettleton
351 Alan Trammell
366 Pete Incaviglia
402 Bill Gullickson
455 Andy Allanson
497 Frank Tanana

Leaf also added a boring insert set called Leaf Gold Rookies, which included Nolan Ryan and Rickey Henderson. No, I do not make this stuff up.

BC11 Rico Brogna

As we will see in the many years to come of Topps products, gold foil does not scan worth a damn. It pretty much shows up as black.

EDIT: Thanks again to Jon for this one.

1991 Leaf Previews:
18 Cecil Fielder

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Jon said...

1991 Leaf Previews
18. Cecil Fielder
Same design as 1991 Leaf, different photos.