Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1990 Topps

This is the worst looking card set in the history of baseball cards. I don't need to say anything else. I can't. The pictures speak for themselves. 

The creative team at Topps should have been taken out back behind the building and shot. What on earth could they have been thinking they were accomplishing with these? 

I usually only post a couple or three cards for each set, but each color scheme of this mess deserves it's own moment of infamy. My god these are awful.

But you know what really sucks the most about these cards? The player names on the front, if you catch my drift.....

The 1990 Topps Detroit Tigers:
11 Paul Gibson
42 Jeff Robinson
77 Dave Bergman
107 Fred Lynn
131 Matt Nokes
146 Rob Richie
177 Mike Henneman
237 Kevin Ritz
271 Chet Lemon
280 Lou Whitaker
327 Ken Williams
343 Frank Tanana
366 Mike Heath
413 Brian Dubois
440 Alan Trammell
471 Mike Brumley
487 Steve Searcy
498 Rick Schu
512 Gary Pettis
555 Jack Morris
586 Ed Nunez
599 Frank Williams
609 Sparky Anderson
632 Scott Lusader
641 Doug Strange
679 Gary Ward
748 Doyle Alexander
767 Tracy Jones

As if the base cards weren't enough of a design nightmare, Topps managed to make a bad thing worse with the Traded Set. There are seven different colors in the motif of these, eight if you count the black. It's a shame that Dan Petry said goodbye while Cecil Fielder and Travis Fryman said hello to Tiger cardboard history on the shittiest looking cards ever made.

31T Cecil Fielder
33T Travis Fryman
77T Lloyd Moseby
93T Dan Petry
95T Tony Phillips


The Drizz said...
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The Drizz said...

hahaha! no all-star cards, no cool rookies, no inserts! to beef up my team set for that year i include the "major league debut" cards 'cuz they share the exact aweful design. jeff datz, brian dubois, shawn holliman, randy nosek, ramon pena, rob richie, kevin ritz, mike schwabe, doug strange all have cards in that set.

robbyt said...

That's funny. I thought that the MLB Debut set "debuted" that year, but I don't have any of them and the reference books I'm using don't list them either. Good lord is that an awful lineup.

Jon said...

Numbers for the Debut set
28. Jeff Datz
32. Brian DuBois
61. Shawn Holman
88. Randy Nosek
96. Ramon Pena
101. Rob Richie
102. Kevin Ritz
111. Mike Schwabe
124. Doug Strange

1990 Topps Big
This would be the third and final year for the Big set, possibly because of the boring design that followed two excellent years. Or maybe no one bought them.
41. Mike Henneman
86. Chet Lemon
119. Frank Tanana
130. Lou Whitaker
166. Mike Heath
190. Alan Trammell
239. Tony Phillips
272. Brian DuBois
305. Lloyd Moseby
313. Cecil Fielder

1990 Topps Box Bottoms
Just like it sounds, cards on the bottom of the wax pack box. Same design as the base set.
H. Fred Lynn

1990 Topps Mini Leaders
Little, glossy, same borders
14. Gary Pettis
It's a good thing we had Gary Pettis.

1990 Topps Coins
31. Alan Trammell
32. Lou Whitaker

Several 1990 Topps subsets and regional sets feature no Tigers:
1990 Topps Batting Leaders
1990 Topps TV All-Stars
1990 Topps Toys'R'Us Rookies
1990 Topps Heads Up
1990 Topps Glossy Rookies
1990 Topps Glossy All-Stars