Friday, October 17, 2008

1991 Score

I am completely speechless. For anybody who knows me, that is no small feat. Judge for yourself. I'm just going to throw them anywhere at this point.

The 1991 Score Detroit Tigers:
38 Tony Phillips
40 Alan Trammell
112 Mike Heath
114 Jack Morris
129 Jeff Robinson

133 Lloyd Moseby
142 Mike Henneman
152 Paul Gibson
168 Cecil Fielder

176 Larry Sheets
297 Lou Whitaker
313 Lance McCullers
316 Jerry Don Gleaton
328 Frank Tanana

395 Cecil Fielder All-Star
434 Dan Petry
557 Chet Lemon
562 Dave Bergman
570 Travis Fryman

609 John Shelby
629 Darnell Coles
637 Gary Ward
649 Steve Searcy
693 Cecil Fielder Master Blaster

740 Scott Aldred
741 Rico Brogna
756 Phil Clark
770 Cecil Fielder Highlight
801 Walt Terrell
852 Alan Trammell

There was an Update set too and I don't have a single card. So I'll post this Walt Terrell card.

3T Pete Incaviglia
25T Mickey Tettleton
40T John Cerutti
47T Rob Deer
56T Bill Gullickson

1003 total cards in this amazingly bad set. 

Speechless I say. 



The Drizz said...

what! that was a fun set! fuck those dick perez cards, that cecil all-star card was the bomb! ;)

Jon said...

1991 Score 100 Rising Stars
Pretty top & bottom borders, blue side borders, player name centered in a white bar at the bottom.
68. Travis Fryman
76. Steve Searcy
85. Brian DuBois
More Searcy...

1991 Score 100 Superstars
Same design as the Rising Stars..but blue top & bottom borders, red side borders.
51. Mike Henneman
63. Alan Trammell
88. Cecil Fielder

And I have to agree with The Drizz...this is an awesome set.