Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Farewell To Heritage

I wish I had a clever or humorous way to start off this story, but I don't. Around lunchtime today I started thinking about giving up collecting Heritage sets. Within an hour I'd made up my mind.

I'm calling it quits.

I was late getting into Heritage. I gave a valiant effort collecting 2001 Bowman Heritage (2 boxes) but never really came close to finishing the set. I bought a few packs of Topps Heritage in 2002, 2006, and  2007. I bought a couple of blasters in 2008 and 2009, and bought a lot more a couple of years ago when I found some heavily marked down. I also added most of the base cards from 2006 and 2007 by picking up lots on the ebay.

I went full bore in 2010. I probably spent in the neighborhood of $500 that year buying packs, boxes, and SP singles, and I'm still 8 cards shy of the set.  I tried again in 2011, spending around $300 that year and still coming up short by about 40 or so SP. In 2012 I just bought a base set on the ebay and spent the rest of the summer trying to hunt down the SP at shows. I'm probably short 30 SP of that set.

I know now that I'm never going to finish any of these sets. So in a great moment of clarity today, I gave up. Which is too bad, because quite frankly I like the concept of Heritage. But I'm no longer going to be a slave to the execution of them.

Oh, I'll continue putting together Heritage Tigers team sets every year. That's not such an enormous undertaking that it can't be completed. In fact I have almost all the base, SP, and Variations that have ever been released. I still get great enjoyment from collecting Tigers, especially those that are appearing for the first time as Tigers.

I'll also continue putting together a couple of the Heritage insert sets I really dig: Baseball Flashbacks and Then & Now. I think these are the cards where Heritage shines. In fact one of the things I would've loved to have seen was for these players to have actual cards in the Heritage set, similar to how they're handled with Archives. How you can produce a set that harkens back to 1961, but not include base cards of Maris or Mantle is beyond me, but I digress.

I fancy myself as a dinosaur in today's collecting world. One of last of the set builders. I came from a time when building a set was fun and more than just about collecting cards and making a buck. A set was also a yearbook. My yearbook. It marked the season before, which was chronicled on the backs of each card, as well as the season at hand, when you chased the rookie cards and blooming superstars that had never been sought after before.

Now there are no more rookie cards. Only autographed chrome inserts, never pulled from exorbitantly priced packs and boxes. And by the time a player becomes a star today, there have already been dozens of cards issued in dozens of sets that have had scans plastered across the internet an infinite amount of times for all to see, so that by the time I finally got one it felt like I was just dutifully crossing that name off a list of must have cards, instead of savoring it as I had done with so many cards in my youth.

It's not all doom and gloom though. In that same moment of clarity, while I reminisced about how much more fun it was back then, that I realized it could still be fun again. This time by going backwards from the cards I collected as a kid, instead of going forward with the ones I laboriously collect as an adult.

I started collecting in the summer of 1978. My oldest complete set is a 1979 Topps set. Over the last couple of years, I started fishing through bins of old cards buying up nice condition cards from 1974-1978. Within a couple years, I've added a couple hundred cards from each year. So I'm off to a nice start towards building attainable sets. Sets with rookie cards. Sets without inserts. Sets without parallels. Sets without short prints. Sets without variations (some 1974 Padres and a 1979 Bump Wills notwithstanding.....)

I've always had a fervor for set building. I always will. I've spent too much time enjoying it to give it up completely. I have too many memories of opening that first pack or box of that year, as well as finding that last card needed to finish that year's set. Now the time has come to make new memories by rediscovering old cards, and for the first time in a long time, I'm eagerly looking forward to collecting again. By looking backwards.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Collecting Resolutions for the New Year

1. I resolve to blog more. Which should be challenging since.....

2. I resolve to collect a lot less 2013 product. I'm tired of paying hundreds of dollars to put together a set, only to see it listed on ebay for a fraction of the price that I spent. I'll let the rippers & flippers build my sets for me from now on. (My only exception would be holding out on Heritage and waiting to see if they hit $35 a box again by summer. My guess is yes.) I'll gladly let others pay the exorbitant prices to chase hits that I'm not the least bit interested in. I'll miss my favorite part of card collecting, set building, but that's how it goes now I guess.

3. I resolve to spend more of my collecting time/resources/$$$ on the vintage sets I've been working on: 1974-1978 Topps Baseball and 1978-1986 Topps Football. To poorly paraphrase Gordy LaChance, nothing will ever beat collecting the cards you collected when you were a kid.

4. I resolve to collect more 90's sets. My collection as it stands is pretty much just Topps Flagship. I'm think I'm going to add some combination of Collector's Choice, Donruss, Fleer, Leaf, OPC, Score, Studio, & Ultra to the mix. I couldn't afford ALL this stuff in the 90's. Today it's cheaper than it was then. If John Lennon were still around, I'm sure he'd agree: Happiness is a warm, $8 90's box.

5. I resolve to finally get a complete wantlist compiled, printed, and published on the internet. Really.

6. I resolve to finally finish all my 80's Flagship sets. I'm only about fifty total cards away from finishing at least a dozen sets. It'll be nice to pull that page OUT of my wantlist.

7. I resolve to take up online trading. I'm about to get a couple underway & I'm really looking forward to it.

8. I resolve to collect a lot more Tigers autographed cards. I was never a big auto collector, but I was bitten by the bug in 2012. I'd like to really beef up my collection by adding Kaline, Morris, Trammell, Polanco, Guillen, Magglio, Austin Jackson, Cabrera, Fielder, and Verlander in 2013, this year in which the Detroit Tigers will be World Series Champions.

9. I resolve to go to my third NSCC this year in Rosemont. I've met a lot of great folks on twitter over the last year (you can find me @RobbyT86) and I'm looking forward to putting some faces with some names. I'm also looking forward to picking up a lot of 50's & 60's Tigers cards, 80's oddball stuff, and visiting with old friends from my old stomping grounds in the Northwest Suburbs.

10. I resolve to have a lot of fun collecting in 2013 by sticking to my other nine resolutions!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

2013 Topps Classic sell sheet (sounds amazing!)

Topps Classic Set!

Classic stock like Heritage, but with an original design like Lineage.

6 Series, 180 cards per series.

Each Series will be released approximately every 8 weeks during a year.

Most Series will feature 4-6 cards per team plus misc subsets (listed below).

Series 1 February

Subset: Previous year award winners (MVP, CY Young, ROY, & All-Rookie team)

Series 2 April

Subset: Players on new teams (with actual NEW photos, no photoshopped photos)

Series 3 June

Subset: HOF Class of ‘13 (2013 HOF inductees on base cards using photos from all the teams he played for)

Series 4 August

Subset: All-Stars (starters, combos, highlights, and MVP)

Series 5 October

Subset: September call ups/prospects (old-fashioned 2-3 players from one team on one card)

Series 6 November

Subset: Postseason Highlights

Subset: League Leaders

All Series will include a few Classic Combos, HOF veterans, and managers as well as any highlights, MLB debuts, and trades that occur since the previous series.

No SP or variations. NONE!

One insert set per series of 9 cards (approx 1:4). One parallel set numbered to that year (approx 1:1). One “hit” (approx 1:72)

Insert sets:

Series 1: Award Winner Reprints (cards of HOF players from award winning seasons)

Series 2: Then & Now (star players rookie photo and current photo)

Series 3: Hello & Goodbye (HOF players rookie and last card reprints)

Series 4: All-Time Leaders (multi-photo cards of all-time leaders)

Series 5: Artists Renditions (classic cards painted by various artists)

Series 6: Fall Classics Reprints (reprint cards of HOF players from classic postseason years)

12 cards to a $2 pack (11 base cards and one parallel, insert, or hit)

WOW! This set sounds amazing. Pays homage to so many sets yet offers so much to so many different collectors.

Too bad I just made the entire thing up. But I would TOTALLY collect this. Discuss. Maybe if this gets passed around the internet enough it will inspire Topps to finally come out with a great set!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buyer Beware: 2012 Topps '87 Minis

I was able to to put together the 50 card set of '87 minis Sunday at a show for a grand total of $11.50.

I got home from work tonight and the cards are already starting to curl like '10 Chrome.

No Tigers in Series 1, but no Prince Fielder either, which means Series 2 ought to be loaded with Tigers. I'm guessing Fielder, Verlander, Cabrera, and Avila.

Topps fucking sucks.

Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 Topps Series 1 Detroit Tigers

I've posted the scans on facebook for anybody who might be interested. Search for the group "Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff." Prepare to be underwhelmed. Or just go here:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Moving to Facebook

After much deliberation, I'm taking this over to Facebook. You can search for it under Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff. I started a page over there tonight and got more "likes" in 3 hours than I've had responses here in the last year.

I've run out of ways to bag on the sorry state of the hobby. At least over there I've got 40-50 friends who are Tigers fans who I know will contribute to the discussion about Tigers stuff. Hopefully there will be more interaction, which is what I always wanted for with this blog. I get tired of reading my own stuff. Besides, I never learned anything about the new releases until others chimed in.

Fear not, I'll continue to flex my acerbic wit on Facebook. C'mon over and join in.....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2011 Topps Lineage Part 2

I'm a goddamned idiot.

I've bought 6 blasters, 14 rack packs, and 8 regular packs of Topps Lineage. I've amassed over 600 cards, counting inserts. I've spent almost $250 so far.

I'm still missing cards of Francisco Liriano and Victor Martinez from the base set. FROM THE FUCKING BASE SET!!!

This is EXACTLY why I quit trying to put fucking Topps set together.

The love I first had for this set is long gone.

I'm NEVER buying a fucking pack of Topps cards again.

At least not until 2012 Heritage.....

PS: All is not lost though. I pulled this sexy little mofo from a blaster box today.....