Monday, October 13, 2008

1989 Donruss

Now we are finally getting to some nice cards. Oh wait, no we aren't. I've still got to do '89 Donruss. It's almost impossible to believe these aren't the worst Donruss set. My only guess is that two guys did different designs for these, and then flipped a coin to see who got to do the top and bottom and who got to do the sides. As it turns out, nobody won.

I mean you've got rainbow colors with no relation to the teams pictures combined with awful black and blacker bars down the sides. These look like something Yahoo would let you create when making an avatar. Not even a Tigers card of one of my all-time favorites (Fred Lynn) can save this horrible mess.

The 1989 Donruss Detroit Tigers:
18 Jeff Robinson DK
29 Steve Searcy
60 Gary Pettis
62 Guillermo Hernandez
90 Frank Tanana
116 Matt Nokes
153 Ted Power
178 Doyle Alexander
180 Alan Trammell
209 Chet Lemon
234 Jack Morris
271 Mike Heath
296 Walt Terrell
298 Lou Whitaker
327 Mike Henneman
352 Luis Salazar
389 Dave Bergman
415 Jim Walewander
417 Pat Sheridan
445 Paul Gibson
470 Jeff Robinson
508 Tom Brookens
533 Darrell Evans
535 Eric King
563 Fred Lynn
BC-17 Alan Trammell MVP

The Donruss Rookies weren't much better:
17 Torey Lovullo
39 Mike Brumley

Donruss introduced their Traded set in 1989. Still no winners here:
9T Chris Brown
17T Ken Williams
50T Charles Hudson

As bad as these were, they would still be no match for what Donruss would release the year after.....


Jon said...

1989 Donruss MVPs
Same design as the base set...a headshot of the player with the giant letters MVP over his head.
BC-17. Alan Trammell
What does BC stand for, you ask? No one knows.

1989 Donruss All-Stars
Same design as base set..only the bar with the name is a bright red/orange mix. I guess these guys are stars.
12. Doyle Alexander
That's all we get...just Doyle, who looks more like a septic tank repairman than a Major Leage baseball player. Apologies to any septic tank repairmen reading this.

1989 Donruss Baseball's Best
Why did Donruss make these? They're the same as the base set with different photos and a different checklist. And are these guys really baseball's BEST? There are only 336 cards in this set. Multiplying a 25-man roster by the then 26 teams, one arrives at 650 MLB players. At least 640 of them are better than some of the Tigers in this set, especially Frank Williams and Keith Moreland.
13. Alan Trammell
35. Lou Whitaker
69. Chet Lemon
91. Frank Tanana
125. Doyle Alexander
147. Mike Heath
181. Matt Nokes
203. Keith Moreland
237. Mike Henneman
259. Frank Williams

1989 Donruss Diamond Kings Supers
We all need an oversized picture of Jeff Robinson's stache.
18. Jeff Robinson

robbyt said...

I just picked up that Doyle Alexander card last week. I bought a box of those for $5, but they had already been opened. I figured for $5 I'd take a shot, but they had been picked through. Most all of the good cards were missing as well as about half the pop-ups.