Friday, October 10, 2008

1988 Donruss

1988 was the year that Donruss decided to take full advantage of the card collecting explosion that was starting around this time. I am convinced of three things regarding 1988 Donruss. One, this mother is as ugly as it gets. (only because I'm only up to 1988. Donruss would stake this claim many, many, many times in the years to follow...) Two, there were so many cards produced that year that the energy crisis could be solved for the next three generations by rounding all these babies up and burning them. And three, if you think I'm kidding about number two, go to ebay and do a search for "1988 Donruss set." There is never a bid on a single set, simply because no one is willing to pay the $8 shipping for one, even if it was being given away for FREE. (In fact, a quick check of ebay right this second shows that there is a lot of EIGHT complete factory sets that has received a bid of 99 cents. That's right, 99 cents for 5,280 cards.....)

The 1988 Donruss Detroit Tigers
4 Alan Trammell Diamond King
50 Eric King
91 Walt Terrell
107 Tom Brookens
127 Jack Morris
152 Matt Nokes
173 Lou Whitaker
215 Chet Lemon
230 Alan Trammell
250 Darrell Evans
275 Kirk Gibson
296 Jeff Robinson
338 Mike Heath
353 Larry Herndon
373 Dave Bergman
398 Willie Hernandez
420 Mike Henneman
461 Frank Tanana
476 Dan Petry
496 Bill Madlock
522 Pat Sheridan
543 Jim Morrison
584 Doyle Alexander
599 Mark Thurmond
615 Scott Lusader

Donruss also introduced their first "insert" cards in 1988, but really all they are is a 26 card MVP subset. They weren't any harder to pull than any other card. They are the same crappy design on the same crappy stock. I dunno what the "BC" designation is supposed to stand for in a subset of MVPs, but I don't really care.....
BC-11 Alan Trammell

The Rookies entry was:
19 Paul Gibson



Jon said...

1988 Donruss All-Stars
An utterly pointless set...same design as the base set, only this time with the AL or NL logo instead of a team logo.
16. Matt Nokes
22. Alan Trammell
24. Jack Morris

I got almost three full complete sets of 1988 Donruss at a garage sale for $ was a giant cardboard box filled with unsorted cards, mostly 1988 Donruss. This was a great thing, when I was 12.

robbyt said...

You still paid too much....

I also picked up an opened box of these for $5 last week, and got all three Tigers. But this box had been picked through too so I didn't get a complete set of it either.