Thursday, April 30, 2009

1994 Upper Deck SP

I didn't blog about '93 SP because I don't have any. I'm only blogging about '94 SP because I do. It looks like Upper Deck finally joined the all foil club here. I said all I have to say about that. I never knew what the SP was supposed to stand for, but if stands for shitty product, I would not be surprised.

The 1994 Upper Deck SP Detroit Tigers:
176 Cecil Fielder
177 Travis Fryman
178 Mike Henneman
179 Tony Phillips
180 Mickey Tettleton
181 Alan Trammell

You know, if you can't at least make a set of card with at least 9 players per team represented, you really shouldn't even bother.

There were two insert sets called Holoview. Both contained the same players. One set was blue and one set was red. Oh boy....

7 Cecil Fielder
9 Travis Fryman

1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice

Collector's Choice was Upper Deck's foray into superoverproducedcardsforkids, and as with most other issues of this type ended up outdoing their base set. There are ever so faint gray pinstripes on the cards, and the line art in the bottom corner obviously pays homage to the '75 Topps set. This was pretty much a no frills set, but sometimes no frills sets are ok with me. This is one of them.

The 1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Detroit Tigers:
27 Matt Brunson
56 Tom Bolton
100 Cecil Fielder
110 Chris Gomez
118 Bill Gullickson
132 Mike Henneman
167 Chad Kreuter
230 Tony Phillips
275 Mickey Tettleton
291 Lou Whitaker
352 Tigers Team Card / Cecil Fielder
364 Junior Felix
375 Travis Fryman
403 Kirk Gibson
421 Scott Livingstone
442 John Doherty
459 Mike Moore
474 Alan Trammell
499 David Wells
557 Danny Bautista
561 Tim Belcher
563 Eric Davis

There were a couple of inserts:

Home Run All-Stars
HA4 Cecil Fielder

Team vs. Team
13 Cecil Fielder

Then there were the parallel cards. Someday I'd love for someone other than me to take the time to delve into the history of the parallel card. It would be great for someone to explain to me their purpose other than to drive obsessive-complusive collectors into buying every pack they could find to try and complete these next to impossible to complete sets. Perhaps, I just answered my on question. 

But I think it's pretty clear that two parallel sets in one issue is a bit too much. Especially when the gold cards were seeded 1:36 packs. IF you didn't get any doubles, you would have had to purchase 24,120 packs of cards to get a complete set of 670. Ouch. Sometimes I think these card companies are just out to make money.......

I hope that I have been able here to demonstrate just how ridiculous parallel cards are. Since I think I have done so, I promise never to mention them again. 

1994 Upper Deck

Ok, so next to my computer sits a little table where sits the album of Tiger cards that am blogging about. For the last 6 weeks I have stared at '94 Upper Deck trying to come up with something, anything, to get through this set and continue moving along. 

Tonight I give up. 

These cards sucked. These are easily the worst Upper Deck base set ever. The inserts sucked. The parallels sucked. After tonight I hope to never see them again.

The 1994 Upper Deck Detroit Tigers:
37 Travis Fryman
51 Travis Fryman
56 Tony Phillips
93 Chris Gomez
179 David Wells
201 Alan Trammell
220 Cecil Fielder
247 John Doherty
261 Eric Davis
286 Cecil Fielder
296 Matt Brunson
301 Mickey Tettleton
316 Mike Moore
321 Mike Henneman
345 Travis Fryman
364 Tim Belcher
392 Chad Kreuter
414 Lou Whitaker
458 Bill Gullickson
547 Matt Brunson

You know a set sucks when Matt Brunson is in it twice.

I only have one insert, which apparently was released regionally in packs. (I thought they didn't start that until '95, but I'm too lazy to look it up?) Anyway, this is from the "Eastern" region.

E4 Cecil Fielder

Whew, I thought I was never going to do this again. I'm glad this is over.

P.S. Thanks to the two regular readers of this blog for contacting me in the last couple of weeks asking me if I was ever going to continue. The answer is yes. Thank you for your continued readership.