Friday, October 24, 2008

1992 Score

I'll never understand the logic behind the odd border combinations of Score's sets. At my age I spend far too much time looking for my car keys in the morning to devote too much time to thinking about things like this. So it will probably always remain a mystery. But in '92, Score came back to give us a decent looking set, weird border colors not withstanding. 

The Ty Cobb tribute card is the best Tigers card Score ever made, period. Hell, I'd collect a whole set of HOF cards that looked like that.

The 1992 Score Detroit Tigers:
26 Milt Cuyler
50 Cecil Fielder
56 Rob Deer
65 Travis Fryman
134 Mickey Tettleton
179 John Cerutti
217 Mike Henneman
242 Bill Gullickson
255 Lou Whitaker
261 Paul Gibson
271 Frank Tanana
306 Pete Incaviglia
355 Walt Terrell
375 Jerry Don Gleaton
394 Mark Salas
395 Rusty Meacham
414 Scott Livingstone
453 Tony Phillips
468 Lloyd Moseby
515 Alan Trammell
537 Andy Allanson
543 Dave Bergman
569 Skeeter Barnes
626 Mark Leiter
729 Scott Aldred
825 David Haas
828 Shawn Hare
831 Dan Gakeler
878 Ty Cobb Tribute

There was a bloated 90 card insert set of "Impact Players." Hard to fathom that there could be 90 cards of "Impact Players", but it's true. Just in case you think I am lying, Milt Cuyler, Anthony Young, and Eddie Zosky are in this set. As I like to say on occasion, there you go.

4 Milt Cuyler
47 Travis Fryman
60 Cecil Fielder

One of these days, I'm going to go on ebay and buy a Score Rookie and Traded set for each year, because it seems that I never did, and then bundle up all the non-Tigers by team to trade to other folks like me.

The 1992 Score Update and Traded:
28 Dan Gladden
37 Mark Carreon
42 Eric King
81 John Doherty

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Jon said...

1992 Score Rising Stars
Green top & side border with a yellow band...the words "Rising Star" in white at the top with a yellow star in place of the "A"...very clever. 100 cards total.
1. Milt Cuyler
41. Scott Aldred
57. Scott Livingstone
67. Rusty Meacham
95. Mike Dalton

1992 Score Superstars
Same design, but with a red border this time. Also 100 cards.
66. Cecil Fielder