Friday, October 10, 2008

1988 Fleer

In 1988 Fleer began their journey into spectacularly mediocre cards. For the first of many years to come their cards bore a strong resemblance to those over produced 44 card box sets that would flood the hobby. There's nothing much special about these.

Save for Nate Snell. Chalk that up as another "he played for the Tigers?" entry. I don't see that he was ever featured again on a Tigers card. A quick check of retrosheet shows that this was the end of the line for ol' Nater. Thanks for the memories.

The 1988 Fleer Detroit Tigers:
51 Doyle Alexander
52 Dave Bergman
53 Tom Brookens
54 Darrell Evans
55 Kirk Gibson
56 Mike Heath
57 Mike Henneman
58 Willie Hernandez
59 Larry Herndon
60 Eric King
61 Chet Lemon
62 Scott Lusader
63 Bill Madlock
64 Jack Morris
65 Jim Morrison
66 Matt Nokes
67 Dan Petry
68 Jeff Robinson
69 Pat Sheridan
70 Nate Snell
71 Frank Tanana
72 Walt Terrell
73 Mark Thurmond
74 Alan Trammell
75 Lou Whitaker
626 Super Star Special Jack Morris
635 Super Star Special Alan Trammell
638 Super Star Special Matt Nokes
654 Team Checklist

There were a couple of goofy pastel spearmint candy cane looking All-Star insert cards:
1 Matt Nokes
9 Alan Trammell

The Update set gave us a couple more cards than the Topps Traded set did, but they weren't much to sneeze at. The 1986 World Series MVP was easily the best of the bunch.
26U Paul Gibson
27U Don Heinkel
28U Ray Knight
29U Gary Pettis
30U Luis Salazar

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Jon said...

You thought 1987 was bad for Fleer box comes 1988!

1988 Fleer Award Winners
26. Jack Morris
43. Alan Trammell

1988 Fleer All-Stars
Again, not to be confused with the green all-stars above...these are a faded blue with yellow vertical stripes. I am not making this design up.
26. Jack Morris
29. Matt Nokes
42. Alan Trammell

1988 Fleer Baseball's Best
New design this year, same alternate title, still sucks.
42. Frank Tanana

1988 Fleer Exciting Stars
27. Jack Morris
29. Matt Nokes
42. Alan Trammell

1988 Fleer Hottest Stars
44. Alan Trammell

1988 Fleer League Leaders
Recycle your 1987 jokes here.
28. Jack Morris
42. Alan Trammell

1988 Fleer MVP
24. Jack Morris

1988 Fleer Record Setters
26. Jack Morris
41. Alan Trammell
Again, what record? Mike Dunne made this set!

1988 Fleer Superstars
This one is probably the ugliest box set Fleer ever made. Think base set, but giant red & blue stripes, then player name in a yellow bar at the bottom.
26. Matt Nokes
41. Alan Trammell
Hell of a year for Trammell...he's an Award Winner, an All-Star, an Exciting Star, a Hot Star, a League Leader, a Record Setter, AND a Superstar!

1988 Fleer Stickers
23. Doyle Alexander
24. Kirk Gibson
25. Mike Henneman
26. Jack Morris
27. Matt Nokes
28. Walt Terrell
29. Alan Trammell can stick Doyle Alexander to stuff...

1988 Fleer Mini
Base design, new photos, really little, lots of gloss.
21. Doyle Alexander
22. Jack Morris
23. Matt Nokes
24. Walt Terrell
25. Alan Trammell
Great...Doyle Alexander is tiny...