Friday, October 24, 2008

1992 Pinnacle

Score decided they were going to join the big boy club with their own high end set in 1992, and they didn't do a bad job with these. But from a printing standpoint, all they did was throw a gloss coating on a regular card, so these aren't really all that high end, unless you consider the sticker price on these packs.

I like these better than their base set, what with the black and orange motif, but there's not much else to like about these. No interesting design, no interesting player selection, no interesting nothing. Even the Team 2000 insert set is uninteresting. There's not even a goofy photograph to make fun of. 


The 1992 Pinnacle Detroit Tigers:
4 Cecil Fielder
29 Lou Whitaker
87 Bill Gullickson
110 Travis Fryman
113 Alan Trammell
164 Mike Henneman
174 Milt Cuyler
190 Walt Terrell
198 Frank Tanana
218 Skeeter Barnes
226 Mickey Tettleton
243 Tony Phillips
318 Dan Gladden
348 Rob Deer
354 Scott Aldred
441 Mark Carreon
490 Scott Livingstone
503 Eric King
513 John Doherty
579 Trever Miller
598 Shawn Hare

Egads! I picked up the one insert card I have from this set out of a commons bin. I had no idea there were that many more! 

Rookie Idols:
17 Chad Curtis and Alan Trammell

1 Cecil Fielder

Team 2000:
4 Travis Fryman
44 Milt Cuyler

4 John Doherty

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