Friday, October 17, 2008

1991 Fleer

I have no idea how Fleer managed to take such a nice design and absolutely screw it up. Ok, I lied. I know how, but for god's sake, why? Those bright yelo borders are an affront to the eyes. This could have such a nicer set without them. If you don't believe me, then scroll to the bottom when you see what the wonders of Photoshop can accomplish.

There are two Tigers cards that stand out though. One is the card of Cecil Fielder during Home Run Derby at the 1990 All-Star Game at Wrigley Field. (Especially the guy sitting in the plastic garbage can in the background...) The other is the card of Darnell Coles standing in front of a pristine Green Monster at Fenway Park. Without all the ads and the Monster seats it almost looks like a spring training photo.

The 1991 Fleer Detroit Tigers:
331 Dave Bergman
332 Phil Clark
333 Darnell Coles
334 Milt Cuyler
335 Cecil Fielder
336 Travis Fryman
337 Paul Gibson
338 Jerry Don Gleaton
339 Mike Heath
340 Mike Henneman
341 Chet Lemon
342 Lance McCullers
343 Jack Morris
344 Lloyd Moseby
345 Edwin Nunez
346 Clay Parker
347 Dan Petry
348 Tony Phillips
349 Jeff Robinson
350 Mark Salas
351 Mike Schwabe
352 Larry Sheets
353 John Shelby
354 Frank Tanana
355 Alan Trammell
356 Gary Ward
357 Lou Whitaker
709 Super Star Special Cecil Fielder
717 Team Checklist

The Update set was short but sweet. I wonder if that photo was taken from this game? (I think I just figured out how to make a working link. Whoo-hoo!!!)

22U John Cerutti
23U Rob Deer
24U Mickey Tettleton

Now for the bonus "get that nasty ass yelo the hell out of here" special edition RobbyT Photoshop card....

See? Doesn't that look a million times better?

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Jon said...

Stunningly, Fleer released only one other set in 1991...the ProVisions, which had 9 cards, an awesome design, and no Tigers. Gone were the days of 10+ 44 card box sets released in various drug and grocery stores.