Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2008 Detroit Tigers Fantasy Camper of the Year

I have to give Leo Barbour another big shout out of thanks for including an autographed card of a Detroit Tigers Forum legend, Mr. Ed DeArmond. Over the past few years, "Mayor Jose" has given us great stories from his exploits at fantasy camp in Lakeland with the Tiger heroes from years gone by. One of the all-time greats of the Tiger Forum, and another great reason to come and sit for a spell and hear tales of the days of yore.

Unfortunately, the back of his card did not have enough room to tell the tale about him, so I will attempt to fill in the rest.

"Ed was the original fan of Carlos Perez, a huge Murphy Brown supporter, a big time Randy Smith advocate, a die-hard Nolan Richardson guy, and a staunch believer in Dontrelle Willis. A life-long devotee to Hillary Clinton, Avion Casion, and Mike Mussina, Ed loves eating at Cracker Barrel and is particularly fond of the Chickenchoker special with a side of Rabblerouser. His greatest sports memory is France's win in the 1998 World Cup matches."

Ed, I hope I did you justice. The indictments are coming down anytime now.....

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