Friday, September 12, 2008

1981 Fleer

This is such a great set. It's too bad that Fleer shot their wad right out of the box. This is without question my favorite set of the 80's. Great design. Great color scheme. Numbering cards by team, instead of just a random scattering across a set. Those huge pieces of gum that would cripple a kid today. This set had it all. They would never make a set this nice again.

I don't want to waste anymore time. Here is the checklist of 1981 Fleer Detroit Tigers:
459 Steve Kemp
460 Sparky Anderson
461 Alan Trammell
462 Mark Fidrych
463 Lou Whitaker
464 Dave Rozema
465 Milt Wilcox
466 Champ Summers
467 Lance Parrish
468 Dan Petry
469 Pat Underwood
470 Rick Peters
471 Al Cowens
472 John Wockenfuss
473 Tom Brookens
474 Richie Hebner
475 Jack Morris
476 Jim Lentine
477 Bruce Robbins
478 Mark Wagner
479 Tim Corcoran
480 Stan Papi
481 Kirk Gibson
482 Dan Schatzeder
652 Team Checklist

Ok, so the checklist card sucks. And they would never get any better. But that's it. 

The rest of this set is gold. 

Two words. Jim Lentine.

Enough said....

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Jon said...

1981 Fleer Star Stickers
Standard sized cards with a full sticker front, these stickers were inserted in 1981 Fleer wax packs. Only two Tigers in the full 128-card set.
7. Steve Kemp
89. Alan Trammell