Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1975 Topps

If you are over 35, this is one of the seminal sets of your card collecting career. Rookie cards of George Brett, Robin Yount, Jim Rice, Fred Lynn, Gary Carter, and Keith Hernandez made this one of the most memorable sets ever. But if you are a Tigers fan, this set is a sad, sad, sad reminder of what was the beginning of one of the saddest eras in Tigers baseball. 

Even more memorable is that this is the set of the mini cards, the birth of the parallel card. These have been as much fun to hunt down as the regular base cards have been. 

For an otherwise ugly set, it somehow manages to be a fantastic one. Maybe it's because it's the last time we would ever see Mr. Al Kaline pictured on a Topps baseball card. Or the first time we would ever see Ron LeFlore on one. You be the judge.

And here are the 1975 Topps Detroit Tigers:

4 Al Kaline 1974 Highlights
18 Detroit Tigers Team Card
42 Joe Coleman
66 Willie Horton
89 Jim Ray
116 Lerrin LaGrow
141 Mickey Stanley
166 Woodie Fryman
206 1968 MVP's Denny McLain
221 Aurelio Rodriguez
245 Mickey Lolich
271 Jerry Moses
293 Dick Sharon
323 Fred Holdsworth
344 Ben Oglivie
371 Gates Brown
397 Bill Freehan
415 John Hiller
439 Ed Brinkman
474 Luke Walker
497 Jim Nettles
522 Gary Sutherland
549 John Knox
571 Dave Lemanczyk
593 Gene Lamont
599 Nate Colbert
614 Rookie Pitchers Vern Ruhle
617 Rookie Outfielders Reggie Sanders
620 Rookie Catchers/Outfielders Danny Meyer/Leon Roberts
623 Rookie Infielders Tom Veryzer
628 Ron LeFlore

What can I say? I like them.

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