Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1973 Topps

So my guess is that Ian got drafted in the fall of 1972, then disappeared to the suburbs of Hamilton, Ontario for the remainder of the decade, leaving Sy with nowhere to go but to the pre-press foreman Jerry for the design of the 1973 cards. Jerry didn't have much in the way of design skills, outside of adding pastel colored dots and bizarre black silhouettes to the front of the cards. As quickly as it had begun, the era of great looking Topps cards was over.

The 1973 Topps Detroit Tigers team set:

Series 1
5 Ed Brinkman
29 Tony Taylor
51 Chuck Seelbach
88 Mickey Stanley
120 Joe Coleman

Series 2
146 Woodie Fryman
168 Jim Northrup
191 Detroit Tigers Team Card
201 AL Playoffs
218 Aurelio Rodriguez
256 Chris Zachary

Series 3
280 Al Kaline
304 Duke Sims
323 Billy Martin and Coaches
349 Dick McAuliffe
369 Lerrin LaGrow

Series 4
413 Tom Timmermann
433 Willie Horton
448 John Hiller
460 Bill Freehan
471 Ty Cobb All-Time Hits Leader
475 Ty Cobb .367 Batting Average
485 Norm Cash
508 Gates Brown

Series 5
537 Bill Slayback
560 Frank Howard
585 Joe Niekro
604 Rookie Pitchers Bob Strampe
633 Ike Brown
660 Fred Scherman

Well at least Jerry thought enough of some of the old-timers to make sure that all the Tigers coaches got on a card, as well as seeing to it that Ty Cobb ended up on two. Rest in peace Jerry, you did an ok job with this set.

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