Thursday, September 18, 2008

1983 Fleer

For such an unappealing set, I can remember collecting these by the boatload. There was a dollar store in our neighborhood in New Baltimore that sold cello packs of these. I can remember riding my bike up there and buying a pack or two of these just about every day that summer, yet I'm missing half the Tigers in this set. 

The beige borders and the brown backs sure made up for one odd looking card in '83. With all the "earth" colors that are the rage today, I could see something like this in '08, but in '83 it was flat out ugly. It's not a bad design. I like the use of the official team logo on the cards. It's not a bad set, even though they too omitted Aurelio Lopez. It's just flat out u-g-l-y. 

The 1983 Detroit Tigers:
327 Tom Brookens
328 Enos Cabell
329 Kirk Gibson
330 Larry Herndon
331 Mike Ivie
332 Howard Johnson
333 Lynn Jones
334 Rick Leach
335 Chet Lemon
336 Jack Morris
337 Lance Parrish
338 Larry Pashnick
339 Dan Petry
340 Dave Rozema
341 Dave Rucker
342 Elias Sosa
343 Dave Tobik
344 Alan Trammell
345 Jerry Turner
346 Jerry Udjer
347 Pat Underwood
348 Lou Whitaker
349 Milt Wilcox
350 Glenn Wilson
351 John Wockenfuss
653 Team Checklist

You look at the cards and try and find something else to say about them. (Although I would love to have one of those BP jerseys that Herndon is wearing......)

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Jon said...

1983 Fleer Stickers
1-13/16"x2-1/2" stickers, issued in strips of ten stickers with two team logos, these stickers did not have an album issued to stick them in. 270 stickers in the complete set.
248. Milt Wilcox
249. Lou Whitaker
250. Tom Brookens
251. Chet Lemon
252. Jack Morris
253. Alan Trammell
254. Johnny Wockenfuss
255. Lance Parrish
256. Larry Herndon
---- Tigers Logo