Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1985 Fleer

I love these cards. But that's about all I can muster up about them though. I've already said all have to say about them in an earlier post. Look it up. I don't even have an uninteresting story to add here. I really don't. About the best I can do is make fun of the card of Sparky giving the sign that his cap was not on right. Or that photo of Gibby which was obviously taken five years earlier. 

I told you, I had nothing. 

The 1985 Fleer Detroit Tigers:
1 Doug Bair
2 Juan Berenguer
3 Dave Bergman
4 Tom Brookens
5 Marty Castillo
6 Darrell Evans
7 Barbaro Garbey
8 Kirk Gibson
9 John Grubb
10 Willie Hernandez
11 Larry Herndon
12 Howard Johnson
13 Ruppert Jones
14 Rusty Kuntz
15 Chet Lemon
16 Aurelio Lopez
17 Sid Monge
18 Jack Morris
19 Lance Parrish
20 Dan Petry
21 Dave Rozema
22 Bill Scherrer
23 Alan Trammell
24 Lou Whitaker
25 Milt Wilcox
628 Super Star Special Sparky Anderson
643 Super Star Special Jack Morris
645 Randy O'Neal
654 Team Checklist

The Update set doesn't offer up much more for discussion.

1985 Fleer Update Detroit Tigers
87U Chris Pittaro
98U Alex Sanchez
103U Nelson Simmons
118U Walt Terrell

Someone please feel free to add a comment about these.



Jon said...

1985 Fleer Limited Edition
The first 44-card box set from Fleer, the cards have a player photo inside an ugly red and yellow frame.
21. Jack Morris
40. Alan Trammell

Jon said...

1985 Fleer Star Stickers
2"x2-1/2" stickers, set of 126, player photo along a Colgate Toothpaste style red & blue frame, white border. Very boring.
22. Kirk Gibson
31. Lance Parrish
82. Jack Morris
83. Dan Petry
101. Willie Hernandez
121. Barbaro Garbey
125. Sparky Anderson
It's not a typo...Barbaro Garbey got a sticker, but Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell did not.