Thursday, September 18, 2008

1983 Donruss

For reasons unknown, I didn't collect these too much back in '83. I really think Donruss took the great design of '82 and made it even better. But I just never collected these. In fact, I bought a complete set off of ebay about two years ago, and it was the first time that I saw many of the cards, and that's a shame because this is such a nice set.

I've only got a handful of Tigers though, and since most of my sets are in storage in a secured location somewhere in Tennessee, I can only post pics of the Tigers cards I have here with me in Chicago. Or else I'd post the cool Jack Morris Diamond King or the Ty Cobb Puzzle Card. But I do have the rookie card of Howard Johnson, the great Tigers third baseman of the future. (As well as that bitching Wockenfuss card.)

So anyway, the 1983 Donruss Detroit Tigers:
5 Jack Morris Diamond King
29 Pat Underwood
76 John Wockenfuss
81 Rick Leach
107 Jack Morris
133 Dave Rozema
155 Milt Wilcox
202 Enos Cabell
207 Alan Trammell
233 Larry Pashnick
259 Elias Sosa
281 Bill Fahey
328 Howard Johnson
333 Lou Whitaker
359 Dan Petry
385 Dave Tobik
407 Lance Parrish
454 Tom Brookens
459 Kirk Gibson
485 Mike Ivie
511 Chet Lemon
533 Sparky Anderson
580 Glenn Wilson
585 Larry Herndon
600 Jerry Udjur
641 Dave Rucker
653 Ty Cobb Puzzle Card

I particularly love the Larry Pashnick error card, you know, the one that actually has Michael McKean pictured.....


Jon said...

1983 Donruss Action All-Stars
60 card set, with 5"x3-1/2" landscape oriented cards. Cards feature a headshot of the player on the left, with an "in action" inset photo on the right.
5. Larry Herndon
50. Lance Parrish

Jon said...

1983 Donruss Hall Of Fame Heroes
Standard size 44 card set, featuring Dick Perez drawings of selected Hall of Fame players, issued in separate wax packs from the '83 base set.
1. Ty Cobb
16. Hank Greenberg
18. Al Kaline
28. Charlie Gehringer

Anonymous said...

That is Larry Pashnick.... Not an error card!!!