Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1974 Topps

Every once in a while, a set comes along that is beautiful in its simplicity, and this is one of those sets. I can't explain why I like this set so much, but evidently Topps liked it so much that they even recycled it in 1980. It's clean, colorful, and for the first time, has some interesting photography. 

I especially love the Ralph Houk card. Topps was cognizant enough to airbursh in the most horrific Olde English D ever sported on a ball card, but forgot to airbrush out the obvious Yankee pinstripes from the photo.

Lest we forget, this is the last year that #6 had a regular base card issued, and what a beauty it is. This was the beginning of the end for the '68 Tigers appearing on cards though. Unfortunately, you can see by the parade of rookie cards in this set that the future would not be too bright for the Tigers. 

With that being said, the 1974 Topps Detroit Tigers (all in one series for the first time ever):

9 Mickey Lolich
24 John Hiller
48 Dick Sharon
72 Aurelio Rodriguez
94 Detroit Tigers Team Card
115 Willie Horton
138 Ed Brinkman
162 Bill Freehan
186 Fred Scherman
208 Leading Fireman John Hiller
215 Al Kaline
240 Joe Coleman
256 Jim Northrup
292 Chuck Seelbach
316 Jim Perry
367 Norm Cash
389 Gates Brown
409 Ike Brown
433 Lerrin LaGrow
482 Bob Didier
506 Ed Farmer
530 Mickey Stanley
555 Woodie Fryman
578 Ralph Houk
596 Rookie Pitchers Fred Holdsworth
597 Rookie Shortstops John Gamble
600 Rookie Infielders Ron Cash/Reggie Sanders
604 Rookie Infielders John Knox

Just in case you were too stoned to notice in 1974, Topps made it real clear who was TRADED that year. They didn't bother to number the cards in a way that you might know how many cards made up the set, but when was that every a priority at Topps? You know, being honest and all?

428T Gary Sutherland
458T Jim Ray
612T Luke Walker

1974..........honesty...........what was I thinking???

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