Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1982 Topps

In my opinion, this is probably one of my least favorite Topps sets of the 80's, but it just happens to have one of my favorite Tiger cards of all-time. More on that later.

I never was a fan of the design, although it's really not that bad. It certainly wasn't as bad as 1986 or 1987. Being that this was the first Topps issue of the 792 card set era, it's hard to complain about a team set that features 31 Tigers cards. After many years Topps finally got rid of the team photos on the team checklist card and replaced it with a cool combo of the Tigers batting and pitching leaders. I really liked that, and I wish Topps would combine their present day Classic Combos with the team checklist so that would free up a card that could be used for a prospect. (I can see why Kemp was traded though. Dude looks like he rolled straight out of the titty joint to take that picture.....)

The 1982 Topps Detroit Tigers:
39 Lou Whitaker
64 Lynn Jones
105 Kirk Gibson
133 Pat Underwood
137 George Cappuzello
165 Victory Leaders Jack Morris
184 Mick Kelleher
211 Dan Petry
238 Kevin Saucier
261 Tigers Future Stars Howard Bailey/Marty Castillo/Dave Rucker
266 Rick Leach
286 Bill Fahey
319 Dave Rozema
369 Champ Summers
391 Dave Tobik
423 Stan Papi
450 Jack Morris
475 Alan Trammell
488 Ron Jackson
504 Rick Peters
535 Lance Parrish
556 Jack Morris All-Star
575 Al Cowens
603 Rich Hebner
629 Johnny Wockenfuss
666 Detroit Tigers Team Card
670 Steve Kemp
691 Dan Schatzeder
728 Aurelio Lopez
753 Tom Brookens
784 Milt Wilcox

Topps had a subset of In Action cards which didn't include a single Tiger, which is made funnier by the fact that all of the base cards seem to picture Tigers standing around the batting cage. 

But they did give us the rookie card of my favorite Tigers scrubeenie of all-time, Marty Castillo. Marty hit a HR in Game 3 of the 1984 World Series, which to date is the only World Series game I have ever attended, and for that he will always be remembered by me. Plus, who can forget Sparky's famous quote, "If you don't like Dave Rucker, you don't like ice cream." 

Year two of the Traded sets offered us two of our key guys in 1984 (and the only action shot of the year):
15T Enos Cabell
43T Larry Herndon
45T Mike Ivie
62T Chet Lemon
112T Elias Sosa
121T Jerry Turner

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