Friday, September 12, 2008

1980 Topps

So the story is the same for this birthday as it was in 1979. But it must also be noted that Topps hit another one out of the proverbial park with these cards. These are fantastic looking cards despite the brown and yellow color scheme (although they did add a nice, pretty, and in no way Tigers colors, cyan borders...)

This is however the first Tigers team that I have the entire set of, and that makes these pretty special for me. Again, the photography is outstanding, and we got yet another rookie card of one of the key cogs of the 1984 World Championship team.

The 1980 Topps Detroit Tigers:
29 Mark Wagner
59 Eddy Putnam
80 Ron LeFlore
101 Aurelio Lopez
123 Lynn Jones
150 Jason Thompson
176 Champ Summers
196 Lance Parrish
216 Phil Mankowski
232 Alan Trammell
251 Kip Young
269 Dave Tobik
288 Dave Rozema
315 Steve Kemp
338 Johnny Wockenfuss
358 Lou Whitaker
371 Jack Morris
373 Dan Petry
392 Milt Wilcox
416 Tom Brookens
445 Mark Fidrych
468 Aurelio Rodriguez
572 Jerry Morales
603 Jack Billingham
614 John Hiller
626 Detroit Tigers Team Card (featuring Sparky Anderson)
666 Tigers Future Stars Mike Chris/Al Greene/Bruce Robbins
709 Pat Underwood

This is one of the great things about baseball cards. Looking back, you could see it all coming together for the Tigers. Who knew that all it would take was a visit to a barber to kick start Dan Petry's career?


Jon said...

1980 Kelloggs Holograms
1 7/8" by 3 1/4" hologram cards were inserted in cereal boxes, or could be obtained as a set by sending in box tops.
17. Jason Thompson
33. Steve Kemp
54. Lance Parrish

Jon said...

1980 Topps Super
Topps issued these 5"x7" cards as a 60 card set of what they considered the "Superstars" of the day. The cards feature a photo of the player with a narrow white border and facsimilie signature.
29. Steve Kemp
42. Jason Thompson