Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1982 Donruss

Ladies and Gentleman, your clear cut winner for the best looking card of 1982, Donruss. The photography was far and away the best of the year. A nice, clean innovative design with the ball and bat motif was one of the most elegant looking designs ever. In 1982, Donruss took the 1981 Fleer design one step further to produce a fantastic looking card.

In addition to finally issuing a Kirk Gibson card of their own, they gave us the first ever solo card of Sparky Anderson as the Tigers manger. This was also the first year of the Diamond Kings subset, an original subset featuring a Dick Perez painting of one player from each team. This was easily the most original subset ever produced to date. Hell, it may be the most original subset ever produced.

The 1982 Donruss Detroit Tigers:
29 Sparky Anderson
76 Alan Trammell
81 Champ Summers
107 Jack Morris
133 Dan Petry
155 Rick Peters
202 Tom Brookens
207 Al Cowens
233 Milt Wilcox
259 Dave Rozema
281 Lance Parrish
328 Richie Hebner
333 Stan Papi
359 Aurelio Lopez
385 Dan Schatzeder
407 Kirk Gibson
454 Lou Whitaker
459 John Wockenfuss
485 Kevin Saucier
511 Dave Tobik
542 Lynn Jones
583 Rick Leach
594 Steve Kemp
601 Mick Kelleher
602 Ron Jackson

This set was not without a flaw or two though. Apparently the typesetter and proofreader didn't bother to look at the back of Alan Trammel's card to see that it was actually spelled Trammell. Twice. Both his base card and Diamond King were issued with both spellings of his name, despite it being spelled "write" on the back. But hey, in a set this nice you can forgive them for giving Tiger fans a couple of early chase cards.

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