Saturday, September 20, 2008

1984 Topps

Of course there's no way I can objective about these cards now, so I'll keep it brief. I wasn't wild about these. Mediocre is the best adjective I can use. Fortunately the nostalgia factor gives these a big boost. 

But what a summer it was. I've got a few tales of my own about Tigers baseball that summer and what better place to spin them. 

My uncle went to high school with Glenn Abbott in Arkansas. That summer my aunt and uncle's family came to visit us in New Baltimore. My dad got tickets for me, him, and my uncle to go catch a twi-night doubleheader against the California Angels. We were at the gates when they opened as my uncle was going to flag down Glenn and say hello to him.

Well my 15 year old mind extrapolated that into getting to go into the clubhouse and get autographs from all the players, hang out in Sparky's office and chat baseball with, you know, the works. Well we looked high and low for Glenn to no avail. We couldn't find him anywhere.
Dejected, we then proceded to see the Tigers lose both games to the Angels. What a lousy night. I was bummed out all the way home.

When I got up the next morning, my dad and uncle were sitting at the breakfast table. I still remember my dad telling me, "Well I know why we didn't see Abbott last night." 

He'd been released from the Tigers that day.

A few years ago I came across an Abbott rookie card. My uncle still talks to him to this day and got Glenn to autograph it for me. My uncle has told him the story of our visit to Tiger Stadium that day, and Glenn told him that I have a standing offer the next time I am in Arkansas to meet and get a picture with him and his replica World Series Trophy. You can bet that one day I will.

And now, the 1984 Topps Detroit Tigers:
14 Tom Brookens
24 John Martin
42 Johnny Grubb
65 Kirk Gibson
95 Aurelio Lopez
119 Johnny Wockenfuss
136 1983 Strikeout Leaders Jack Morris
147 Dan Petry
174 Juan Berenguer
195 Jack Morris
223 Wayne Krenchicki
259 Sparky Anderson
284 Howard Bailey
303 Marty Castillo
333 Larry Herndon
356 Glenn Abbott
371 Dave Gumpert
398 Lou Whiatker All-Star
427 Rick Leach
457 Dave Rozema
482 Enos Cabell
510 Alan Trammell
536 Glenn Wilson
588 Milt Wilcox
611 Chet Lemon
640 Lance Parrish
666 Detroit Tigers Team Card
695 Lou Whiatker
731 Lynn Jones

The Traded set from that year is obviously chock full of players that would contribute to the World Series championship, the biggest being Willie Hernandez. So it's somewhat of a shock that this is the only card I am missing from the set. For the life of me I can't recall why I would have all of the others, but not his. Oh well. 

11T Dave Bergman
36T Darrell Evans
41T Barbaro Garbey
51T Willie Hernandez
59T Ruppert Jones
66T Rusty Kuntz
80T Sid Monge

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Jon said...

1984 Topps All-Star Send In
Same story as the previous year, 40 card set obtained by mailing in winning scratch-off cards..this time with a red border.
2. Lance Parrish
10. Jack Morris
30. Lou Whitaker