Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1971 Topps

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, these bad boys came along. Finding one of these in mint condition is like finding a four leaf clover growing out of a unicorn's ass. To make matters worse, thousands of these cards were colored in with black magic markers by money grubbing scumbags to hide the wear and tear these cards showed so easily.

On a positive note, the Billy Martin card kicks ass. I dig Tigers cards of guys who enjoyed greater successes elsewhere before or after brief periods with the Bengals, such as Eddie Mathews, Fred Lynn, Bill Madlock, and Dickie Noles. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 1971 Topps Detroit Tigers:

Series 1
3 Dick McAuliffe
39 Tigers Rookies Lerrin LaGrow/Gene Lamont
71 AL Strikeout Leaders - Lolich
86 Mike Kilkenny
101 Les Cain
120 Willie Horton

Series 2
133 Mickey Lolich
154 Cesar Gutierrez
180 Al Kaline
208 Billy Martin
229 Jim Hannan

Series 3
265 Jim Northrup
296 Tom Timmerman
316 Fred Scherman
336 Detroit Tigers Team Card
367 Dalton Jones
389 Ed Brinkman

Series 4
403 Joe Coleman
423 Tigers Rookies Dennis Saunders/Tim Marting
444 Jimmie Price
464 Aurelio Rodriguez
481 Daryl Patterson
503 Gates Brown

Series 5
524 Mickey Stanley
533 Kevin Collins
575 Bill Freehan
599 Norm Cash
629 John Hiller

Series 6
669 Ike Brown
695 Joe Niekro
708 Russ Nagelson
732 Bob Reed
749 Ken Szotkiewicz

Topps cut it back to six series in 1971. Again, the last series is a lot rarer than the other five. I wonder, when and where were Topps issuing these late series? Thanksgiving weekend? Inside specially marked packages of Sea Monkeys? 

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