Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1985 Donruss

After 4 years of fantastic cards from Donruss, they hit the wall in '85. With the exception of '93, Donruss would never again make cards as nice as those first four years. It's no surprise they went out of business. 

They do provide me with a great memory though. My grandmother was living with us at the time and these were the first cards to ever debut before Christmas. So I took the $20 bill I got from her and bought a box of these (for $12) that sat under our tree unwrapped. Everytime I would walk by the tree for the next two days and no one was looking, I would sneak a pack out and go to my room and open them. By Christmas morning I couldn't have had ten packs left in the box. 

So what did I spend the other $8 on?

Yeah, that's right. Bang your head! A $20 bill will drive you mad!!

The look on SeƱor Smoke's face says it all. 

The 1985 Donruss Detroit Tigers:
5 Lou Whitaker Diamond King
49 Lance Parrish
90 Chet Lemon
105 Milt Wilcox
125 Dave Rozema
171 Alan Trammell
212 Willie Hernandez
227 Darrell Evans
247 Howard Johnson
272 Juan Berenguer
293 Lou Whitaker
334 Dan Petry
349 Aurelio Lopez
369 Doug Bair
394 Marty Castillo
415 Jack Morris
456 Barbaro Garbey
471 Kirk Gibson
491 Scottie Earl
516 Rusty Kuntz
537 Dave Bergman
578 John Grubb
593 Tom Brookens
612 Ruppert Jones

'85 Donruss gave us the rookie card of Scottie Earl. '85 Donruss gave us the only card of Scottie Earl. Ever. So I guess that's something.

I guess.


Jon said...

1985 Donruss Action All-Stars
A third year of 3"x5" cards, these have a headshot inset in the lower right of an action photo. Neat TRON-style background, black with white graph-lines on it.
42. Lou Whitaker
44. Alan Trammell
53. Lance Parrish

Jon said...

1985 Donruss Highlights
Standard size, same design as the '85 Donruss base set, the 56-card set commemorates various highlights from the 1985 season. Unfortnately, it does not commemerate Scotti Earl being in a Tigers uniform.
51. Darrell Evans "Venerable Home Run King"
Venerable...excellent use of vocabulary. Two points.

Jon said...

1985 Donruss Diamond Kings Supers
Easily guessed....3"x5" versions of the Diamond Kings subset, identical to the first 26 cards of the '85 base set.
5. Lou Whitaker

Jon said...

1985 Donruss Box Panels
The panel cards on the bottom of wax pack boxes.
PC4. Kirk Gibson
PC5. Willie Hernandez