Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1985 Topps

The '85 cards are even more nostalgic for me than the '84 cards, and here's the reason why. These guys are actually the championship team. With the '84 set containing guys like Enos Cabell and Wayne Krenchicki, it's just not the set than truly captures the team. However, the '85 cards have got them all, from Doug Baker to Bill Scherrer, these are the guys that brought home the trophy. The '85 cards are what I will always think of when I think of the guys from '84.

I loved these cards when they came out, but years later I think they are kind of vanilla from a design standpoint. Topps borrowed heavily from their '84 football release here. It wouldn't be first time they recycled a design, but since these are the World Series champs, I can let 'em slide this time.

The 1985 Detroit Tigers:
20 Chet Lemon
47 Dave Rozema
73 Rusty Kuntz
99 Milt Wilcox
126 Ruppert Jones
133 Father and Son Ray Boone
143 Father and Son Ossie Virgil
160 Lance Parrish
192 Howard Johnson
243 Barbaro Garbey
269 Doug Baker
307 Sparky Anderson
333 Willie Hernandez
368 Dave Bergman
408 Sid Monge
435 Dan Petry
461 Marty Castillo
480 Lou Whitaker
512 Tom Brookens
539 Aurelio Lopez
565 Kirk Gibson
586 Bill Scherrer
591 Larry Herndon
610 Jack Morris
643 Johnny Grubb
672 Juan Berenguer
690 Alan Trammell
708 Lance Parrish All-Star
744 Doug Bair
792 Darrell Evans

This would also be the first year that any Tigers would make the Glossy All-Star cards that were inserted into the rack packs, and what a nice group it was. At one time it seemed like I had over 5,000 '85 Topps cards, but yet I don't have the Greenberg Glossy. Go figure.

14 Lou Whitaker
18 Chet Lemon
20 Lance Parrish
22 Hank Greenberg

The Traded set was short and sweet with only two cards. Chris Pittaro, the most Sparky-hyped prospect since Dave Rucker, and Walt Terrell, who would be a solid pitcher for years to come.

91T Chris Pittaro
119T Walt Terrell

They are what they are. A nice looking set feature the best baseball team from 1984. That's good enough for me.


Jon said...

1985 Topps Glossy Send-Ins
Another 40 card send in set, identical to the previous years except this time with a blue border..variety is the spice of cards.
16. Alan Trammell
25. Dan Petry
26. Jack Morris

Jon said...

1985 Topps Super
Topps jumped on the 3"x5" bandwagon , with a design identical to the '85 base set but featuring the larger size and different player photos. 60 in the complete set.
2. Willie Hernandez
25. Alan Trammell
27. Kirk Gibson
43. Jack Morris
55. Lance Parrish

Jon said...

1985 Topps 3-D
Bigger still, at 4"x6", the cards aren't actually 3D, but feature a raised player photo against the flat background. 30 cards in all.
28. Jack Morris