Friday, September 12, 2008

1977 Topps

I have struggled to come up with coherent paragraphs to describe this set and its relevance to me as a collector. So I'm just going to go bullet points instead.
  • This is a great looking set
  • I don't have many Tigers from this set. In fact, I only have seven Tigers cards from this set.
  • I don't have the Mark Fidrych RC from this set.
  • I do have the Mark Fidrych/John Denny ERA Leaders card from this set.
  • There's not a lot going on "Tigerswise" with this set.
  • I didn't realize it until now, but the 2009 RobbyT cards bear a strong resemblance to this set.
  • This is a great looking set.
I don't much like the bullet points. I don't think I'm going to do that again.

The 1977 Topps Detroit Tigers:
7 ERA Leaders Mark Fidrych
22 Bill Freehan
69 Jim Crawford
98 Milt May
122 Ben Oglivie
145 Tom Veryzer
173 Chuck Scrivener
240 Ron LeFlore
265 Mark Fidrych
291 Jason Thompson
311 Vern Ruhle
363 Dave Roberts
420 Rusty Staub
453 Pedro Garcia
477 Rookie Infielders Phil Mankowski 
487 Rookie Pitchers Ed Glynn
490 Rookie Shortstops Mark Wagner
491 Rookie Pitchers Bob Sykes
492 Rookie Outfielders Steve Kemp
506 Steve Grilli
533 Mickey Stanley
554 Bruce Kimm
574 Aurelio Rodriguez
595 John Hiller
621 Detroit Tigers Team Card
637 Alex Johnson
660 Willie Horton

This was the last year before I started collecting cards, so despite the fact that it's a nice looking set, I just never really got into it. That's pretty obvious since I only have seven Tigers cards. One of these days I'm going to have to break down and pick up a Bird rookie. 

Looking at that class of rookies is absolutely scary. There must be a total of 10 rookies (Bird, Thompson, Garcia, Kimm, and Scrivener too) Amazing that there are that many rookies who didn't amount to much in the way of the Tigers' future success, especially when compared to 1978 Topps.

Like I said, I struggled to come up with cohesive paragraphs. Or perhaps the Ray Bare Stare has scared the shit out of me.....

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