Sunday, December 14, 2008

1993 Leaf

Another Donruss issue that looks like it borrowed heavily from '92 Fleer Ultra. Same old marble background corner and goil foil circle thingy. Pretty lackluster and unimaginative. Much like this paragraph. 

This is also another one of those sets where the backs of the cards look better than the fronts. At least in concept maybe. I mean, instead of just putting two different shots of the Ren Cen in the background, why not mix it up a little bit some other iconic Detroit landmarks like Motown Studios, the Windsor Tunnel, or even the downtown Borders on Woodward Ave.?

The 1993 Leaf Detroit Tigers:
16 Travis Fryman
38 Milt Cuyler
60 Dan Gladden
81 Mike Henneman
103 Bill Gullickson
110 Tettleton/Fryman
126 Tony Phillips
148 Lou Whitaker
191 Mike Munoz
213 Mickey Tettleton
246 Rob Deer
283 Cecil Fielder
314 Kirk Gibson
348 Bill Krueger
375 Scott Livingstone
401 Mike Moore
421 Alan Trammell
463 Chad Kreuter
484 David Wells
534 John Doherty

I have no way of verifying that this checklist card #110 is of Mickey Tettleton doing a flip over the railing while Travis Fryman watches from the dugout, but my theory is the only one I've ever heard, so I'm running with it. 

There were a few ho-hum insert cards. And by ho-hum I mean, "Oh really? Who gives a shit about a Greg Gohr insert card?"

Fasttrack #19 Travis Fryman
Gold All Stars #3 Cecil Fielder
Gold Rookies #6 Greg Gohr

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Sam said...

Card #376 of Wally Joyner shows the outfield wall behind him with a blurry round Tigers logo - kind of cool to add in here.