Thursday, November 6, 2008

1993 Stadium Club

I don't think I have ever liked a Stadium Club set, but hands down that is the best Tony Phillips card ever. 

1993 Stadium Club:
5 Tony Phillips
31 Mickey Tettleton
65 Kurt Knudsen
116 Mark Leiter
135 Lou Whitaker
156 Milt Cuyler
191 Danny Gladden
212 John Kiely
223 Walt Terrell
248 Mike Munoz
267 Frank Tanana
328 Scott Livingstone
357 Rob Deer
389 Skeeter Barnes
416 Alan Trammell
448 Travis Fryman
480 Mike Henneman
503 Cecil Fielder
519 Rich Rowland
530 Rico Brogna
574 Bill Gullickson
673 Kirk Gibson
685 Greg Gohr
693 Mike Moore

I want one of those caps. Better yet I'd like to see an Indians card from 1993 with one of those throwbacks just to see what they look like. 

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Jon said...

1993 Stadium Club Dome
Same story as the '92 set....this wasn't released until 1993, although it has a very similar design to the 1992 base Stadium Club set. It came in a plastic replica of Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, venue for the 1993 All-Star Game. The 200-card set highlights performers in the 1993 All-Star game, 1992 draft picks, and 1992 Team USA players.
48. David Mysel (Draft Pick)
116. Kenny Carlyle (Draft Pick)
133. Chris Gomez (Draft Pick)
168. Travis Fryman All-Star
It's a sad testament to the Tigers' early-mid 90s drafts...Mysel and Carlyle never appeared in the majors, and Mysel never got past AA ball.

1993 Stadium Club Members Only
A parallel to the base set...this has fancy "Members Only" writing on it! No numbers in the 28-card set.
-- Travis Fryman

1993 Stadium Club Members Only Master Photos
A parallel set to a parallel set. Wow. At least we get numbers this time.
16. Travis Fryman