Saturday, November 22, 2008

1993 Fleer Ultra

My guess is that someone at Fleer figured out that if you make a set so beautiful it ranks as one of the all time best, why mess with it? So they made a few tweaks and released another great looking Ultra set in '93. Not quite as good as '92, but it's so damn close there's not really much to say that I haven't already said about the '92's. 

I absolutely love that card of David Haas looking like he's about to try and field the flaming baseball logo that is headed for his feet. His eyes are staring right at it. Magnificent.

The 1993 Fleer Ultra Detroit Tigers:
194 Milt Cuyler
195 Rob Deer
196 John Doherty
197 Travis Fryman
198 Dan Gladden
199 Mike Henneman
200 John Kiely
201 Chad Kreuter
202 Scott Livingstone
203 Tony Phillips
204 Alan Trammell
548 Cecil Fielder
549 Kirk Gibson
550 Greg Gohr
551 David Haas
552 Bill Krueger
553 Mike Moore
554 Mickey Tettleton
555 Lou Whitaker

I only know about one insert card, and I don't have it.

Home Run Kings
3  Cecil Fielder

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